December with a 3 year old? Hotel Recommendations?

So, we went to disneyland (I live in Arizona) last july and my daughter loved it. She doesn’t remember and it sort of makes her sad. We are heading to NY for Xmas, and were thinking of stopping by disney world on the way back. Just 2 days at the main park. Are we crazy? We were thinking about visiting the park on monday the 28th and the 29th. What hotels are the most convenient? Good for a 3 (4 in April) year old?

I’ve not done Disneyland and I’ve heard people prefer it to the Magic Kingdom but I would think MK is still the best park for a 3 year old in WDW. I took my daughter there at 2.5 and just over 4 and it was clearly her favorite both times. I’m taking her (she’s almost 5 now) and her little brother in just three weeks for a spontaneous trip. We’re spending three days in the parks - 2 at MK and 1 at Animal Kingdom because the hours work better than Epcot and the little guy loves animals. If you decide to do MK, the Contemporary is a great choice because you can monorail or walk - the walk helped coax nap times from a reluctant 2.5 year old.

If you are doing Magic Kingdom, I think you’d want one of the hotels within walking distance or a quick monorail. Grand Floridian, Contemporary, or Polynesian. These tend to be the more pricey ones, but if within budget they’d give you the ability to quickly head back for a mid-day nap if she needs one. If you don’t mind a short boat ride you could do Wilderness Lodge.

A theme park view at Contemporary might be a nice splurge. Watch the fireworks from your room (if they have any by then) and avoid the crowds. Good food options too. My second choice would be Wilderness Lodge.

If it was open I think the most fun resort for little ones is All Star Movies. The resort theming is over the top and fun.

If you want something a little more affordable, a Little Mermaid room at Art of Animation might be fun for a little girl. And, it’s on the Skyliner route! That does you no good for MK and AK, but it is one of my 3 and 7 yo daughters’ favorite rides at WDW! Last I saw, AOA is supposed to open before December.

Awesome, thanks for the recommendations. The last time she definitely needed a nap, lol. It was a long day. At the park at 8, back to hotel at 12. Back to the park at 3.

Money is no object: Contemporary
Money is some object: Wilderness Lodge
Money is an object: Art of Animation Mermaid Room