December Weekend Trip

I am struggling planning a December weekend trip. I have to skip either EP or AK. We love AK and often will run over just to ride EE multiple times. In two weeks we will spend a half day at AKA during another weekend trip just to ride EE in the dark.

We have two thoughts: skip EP since we will be spending time there in two weeks when we stay at BW and we had a weekend in May just to go to Flower and Garden. Or skip AK since it is a December trip and EP will have some special Christmas themed events (and decorations?).

Thoughts? We land on Saturday, staying WL. We will go to HS on Saturday to see OL before dinner at AP. We have party tickets Sunday night and will go to MK after WC breakfast until ME picks us up at 3 on Monday. What park should we plan for Sunday morning?

I have no experience to offer advice from but if it were me I’d go to Epcot. I’m sad that we’ll miss out on the holiday activities at Epcot as our trip ends right before Thanksgiving. It’s on my list of things that I want to do one day.

Good luck making your choice! Hopefully you’ll get some better advice from someone else.

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Am I the only way that spends all my time trying to figure out a way to “fit it all in”? I think I could go to EP on Saturday and then take the boat to HS for my FPs and the OL. I think my problem is I hate to use FPs at EP. After Soarin all I want to do is spend time in WS.

I also spend too much time trying to fit it all in! Personally I’d do AK, because I’m not as big of an Epcot fan. But if you really just want to stroll around World Showcase it might give you relaxing time you need before MVMCP that night.

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I’d go with AK. Relax, enjoy the animals, and be all charged up for MVMCP in the evening.

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The upside of going frequently is you know you’ll be back. I’d do AK. Also note - you could have DME pick you up from AKL, it doesn’t have to be your resort of drop off. Check your bags at the resort and have the bus pick you up somewhere more convenient.


EP and AK are my 2 favorite parks… As I’ve never been to EP during the Holidays, that would definitely be my choice. All of the WS countries have special things going on, and as far as I know, AK has very little except some miscellaneous decorations.

That was my thinking but do I go a day throwing away FPs? That is so hard to do!