December trip

So I have booked flights for dec 7 to 14. Original plan was to do MVMCP and sea world. Now I am wondering if I should add some universal in there too? Wondering if 2 day ptp ticket would suffice for first timers and if I should add volcano bay or not given the cooler time of year. Also wondering if I would be able to manage without the express pass? TIA.

You will not be staying on-site? If you are not, I would wait to buy express Pass until you get into the parks. I think two days is great . I don’t think I would plan Volcano Bay.

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I think the time you’re going is a low time, so two days you’d be able to see everything without EP. I know the weather in Orlando is iffy during that time, so it may be too cold, or it may not. Instead of VB, I’d probably add a third day of Universal, but I may be biased because I love it there, lol.


Thanks so much for replying :slightly_smiling_face:. I Was considering cabana bay for the hotel and think that will be the route I go. Seems like there is no real savings in buying the pacage through universal versus me buying the hotel and tickets separate. I would typically look at one of the hotels with express pass included but We are also doing Disney for 10 nights in August. The cost of flights and the poor Canadian dollar add so much to the cost :slightly_frowning_face:.

Thanks for replying and yes I agree about VB. We do disney every year but have never done universal so I am pretty excited about it :slightly_smiling_face:

We love Cabana Bay, and we go there whenever we do Universal trips. Even without EP, they always have and extra hour early entry at one of their parks. I’m pretty excited for you guys, lol! We don’t usually get a package. If you book with, they will price match any online site, so if you book it, and find it cheaper, they’ll honor it. I would check online daily after booking, and if I’d find it cheaper before my trip, they honor it.

Awesome thanks so much I will check it out…any suggestions where to get best price on tickets…I have seen undercover tourist mentioned in some spots.

Yeah, that’s where we always get ours from. I don’t think it’s cheaper anywhere else I’ve seen.


As long as you are not going to buy express pass I think Cabana Bay is great. If you did want express pass, one night at the deluxe resorts would get you two days of express.