December trip last minute planning

We’ll be there Dec 1-7. Party on the 2nd, all other days planned out. Big stuff is done…FP, ADR, etc. What else am I missing? Other that A/E FP and BOG dinner, we’ve got it all on the schedule. My son did want to do Pirates League, but he just told me about this….doubt that’s gonna happen.

I feel like I got to read the boards more on our trip last time, and I haven’t had time to keep up as much this time. Am I missing anything that’s come up recently?

Thanks for input!

Really it is a low crowd time, so even if you haven’t got it all figured out, it should be easy to navigate.

Online check in and customizing magic bands, if staying onsite.

Interested in BOG lunch?

Have a good packing list?

Sounds like you’ve got a good plan. There’s quite a few liners in the world at that time. I know several will be at MVMCP on the 2nd and two of us also have TTDP booked that night. Is it just you and your son? I have a late BoG dinner for 12/3 that I still need to cancel but it’s only for 2 and fairly late at 8:50 PM.

Have you made your TP’s yet? Started your soft packing?

@outer1 Thank you so much for the offer of BOG. It’s gonna be 4 of us (DH, DD/DS 7) We’re gonna be at HS on the 3rd.

@B_squared i looked yesterday for BOG lunch…still wouldn’t give dates. so i’ll keep checking.

TP are loosely in the system. My main concern is how to TP for MK. We’ll be there the 2nd around noon. DD has BBB at 1:30. Then touring until party begins. We will also be there for EMH on Thursday. Plan to leave around 5ish. Fantasyland and Tomorrowland will be most important to us….got 7DMT FP for both days. How would y’all recommend to split it up. What realistically can we get done on the 2nd? I think our FP for that day are PoC, JC, and 7DMT. Because I think we want to enjoy the party instead of spending too much time riding that night. The only real thing we would do is A/E. DD is dressed up from BBB and we don’t have FP, so I figured maybe doing it during first parade? Then see second?

Exciting! I can’t wait to see it decorated for the holidays. I think I’m the most excited out of the group!

I think quite a bit actually. A lot of people avoid MK on party days because they don’t want to burn a ticket on a day where the park closes so early so the waits should be relatively low all day and anything you miss you could pick up with near walk on times during the party. Have you looked at last years party schedule to get an idea of what you want to see during that time? I’m sure we’ll have an updated schedule after the first party this weekend. BoG lunch is showing now for our arrival date on 11/29 but not for 12/3 yet should be open any day now so keep an eye out.

I’ll keep an eye out for updated schedule.

my guess is fireworks, parade, characters would be most important, especially if we’ve gotten good touring earlier in the day. i have never been so have no clue what to expect. i’d also like the kids to direct it a little more since it’s really a night for them. i think the most important timing would be lining up for dwarves early? anything else? my hope is to do second parade…hoping they can stick it out!

If you want to see the Seven Dwarves it is recommended you line up very early, by 6 or even a bit before so that when they come out at seven you aren’t wasting two hours of party time waiting.

Have you decided how to handle dinner for that evening yet? A lot of the CS and TS restaurants are not open during the parties which means those that are will be busier.

I’m guessing you’ll want to see the castle lighting although that’s done every night and not just on party nights around 6. Starting this year it will feature Elsa.

Here’s a copy of last years map… subject to change for this year of course…

Holiday Wishes will be at 9:30 and there are two parades each night.

Grab your holiday SotMK cards while you’re there.

Here’s some more touring plans info about the party…

Hope that helps.

@Outer1. Thank you!

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@Outer1. Thanks for the links and great info. We will also be at MVMCP on 12/2.I didn’t realize so many restaurants would be closed during the party. Really good to know. Wondering if you have answers to a few more questions. Will this year’s map be available at the park earlier in the week so we can firm up our plans before party day? I’ve heard about the Jingle Cruise. Is that only on party nights, or is it for the whole season? If it’s every night, I thought we might do that earlier in the week and remove one thing from our to do list during the party. Last one, FPPs are not available during the party, right? Thanks so much!

HI @amyscherz! I’m not sure if the map is available in the park outside of party times but it will for sure be available online after the first party this weekend.

The Jingle cruise is all the time. It’s really just an overlay for the Jungle cruise so once it starts on the 7th it will be full time until after the holidays.

FPP’s are not available during the holiday party times starting at 7pm, however, the party ticket can be used to enter the park starting at 4pm so you could book FP’s from 4-7pm.

Hope that helps!

@Outer1. Great! We’ll check out JC on another night. We’ll be at RD that morning taking advantage of the low crowd, probably rushing to A & E since I can’t get FPPs during our trip. :frowning: We plan to take a break mid-day, so I’ll stop and try to get a FPP for that 4-7pm time before we leave for a break. Thanks so much for the tips!

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US TOO!!! We will be at WDW Nov 30 - Dec 8th and at the party on Dec 2nd! I have BOG dinner for 2 on Dec 2nd at 6:10 if anyone wants it (we are doing CRT).

@tracichelette how old is DS? I would HIGHLY recommend a kids pirate cruise (4 locations, GF, Yacht, PORS and CBR). DS10 has done them and Pirates League and says the cruise is way more fun! Also if your DS is same age you forgot to add the play date where you deposit said child at GF or Beach Club for swimming and sliding so I can sit on my rear and read a book. We had an awesome weekend in August with @MDU and her DD10 and I am scrambling to find other children for a WDW play date (although DS10 really wants to DATE miniMDU).

We wont hit MK on Dec 2nd until 4pm with CRT at 4:30. You can get SO MUCH DONE on party nights and we want to maximize party time / low crowds so we chillax and take a nap pre party.

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Oh man I would have totally taken that two weeks ago lol. But now I absolutely refuse to change our schedule anymore. Sounds like there will be a pretty big group of us at that party.


@MagicMN have u given away Bog? If not, I’d love to try to coordinate! Please?!?

Woohoo!!! All yours!!! We can coordinate the big swap and switch, but with sniper out there not sure if we should risk it. OR you can just go check in as me - they don’t card you at WDW. Reservation is under Jodi Wishart. You can eat as 2 adults no problem with the 1 adult / 1 kid reservation.

If we do the big switch, let’s do it at some crazy time. I work from home and can be at my computer at any time of the day any day of the week. Send me a personal msg and you can pick the date and time you want to switch, But, I would just check in as me - then you know your reservation is safe. Your choice :slight_smile:

I am there on 2nd as well!!! Yeah liners, I can’t wait to meet y’all!

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The 2014 map is out. I’m on my phone our I’d link it. Wdw prep school on Facebook had the link earlier.

Here it is. Looks like so much fun. SO excited!! Glad we decided to get tickets.