December park hours update?

There are several threads on chat, but I didn’t see any here. If anyone sees updated park hours for December, please let me know.

Have to work this afternoon, so can’t check obsessively like I’d like to, but will get emails if you lovely folks reply to me!

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I’m anxiously waiting too!!

They might be working on it right now. I went to the 5 day beginning 12/3 and they had changed all the Fantasmic! times to 9pm. Then the “duck out” screen suddenly appeared. When I refreshed, F! was back to 8pm. So it could just be a glitch. Or they could be making changes as we speak. Who knows?!

Anxiously waiting as well!

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If you have your trip set up on your TP dashboard, you will get alerts directly from Touring Plans about park opening time changes and also crowd level changes.

Not sure if you have to have something set in preferences to get the email alerts; if so either it is defaulted to “yes” or I have forgotten setting it up (which is entirely possible lol).


I do have the trip set, but in the past, chat and forums have been faster than the TP email. It usually comes out the next morning after updates. I am not that patient!

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Updated MK hours for Christmas week. So far doesn’t look like anything else though.

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Thanks, we’re going 6-8th, so still waiting.

I see MK has longer hours on 12/14 than it did 30 minutes ago!!!

I’m so excited cause I will be doing a late arrival there that day

People seem to think that is all of the changes. If so I am disappointed!

If it is, I am partially disappointed.

I was torn between wanting early EMH at HS on the 8th or not. We could do more if they had them (and opened at like 6), but that might be pushing too hard on a quick weekend trip before we have to drive 9 hours home…

I think the extra EMH will be added for DHS, although maybe just until Christmas initially.

I would wait and see what happens by Monday / Tuesday.

I will be really surprised if they don’t do something, even though things didn’t happen the way they expected in September.

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This is really the only change I’m waiting to see. We are there 11/27 - 12/7. I’m trying to figure out when we try for RotR.

I know Tuesday isn’t over yet, but it doesn’t look like any announcements are being made. Any insight when to expect to hear something? Thanks!

I’m checking often too! I can’t believe they still only have EMH scheduled once a week at DHS. Help me, Disney! Updated hours are my only hope!

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None! Sorry if you thought it was a hint at something coming. I’m really surprised that they haven’t extended yet.

I notice they’ve only extended hours at MK and AK so far over Christmas and New Year though. Looks like they’re still mulling over DHS and Epcot.

Someone on Disboards posted that CMs get their schedule for Dec 5th on Sunday. So we should know then, assuming they are providing correct information.

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Interesting. Did you happen to read anything about how far out they’ll get schedules for? Or is it just the one day?

It did not specify. My experience in retail/CS always did 2 week schedules but no clue how Disney does theirs.

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My experience is similar but I agree, nothing from the outside world can be assumed to transfer to Disney. The waiting continues.