December hotels

Hello. I’m planning a Disney trip for December with my 8 yo. We initially were thinking Universal until she watched some POV rides and decided she was not ready for the more cinematic aspect of Universal. So we head to Disney again. We are struggling to find Disney resort hotels for December. It doesn’t seem like they are sold out or at capacity as there are plenty of reservations and tickets to the parks and to the after hour event at the Kingdom. Our agent is similarly unsure if/when they may release more hotels. What I don’t understand is how there are discounts for resorts in December for AP holders, FL residents etc but nothing available to actually book. Do you think there will be more releases and that this is something that will change? Thanks everyone!

I was looking at the discount offer for Disney Visa Rewards yesterday and there was still availability.

Yes that’s one of the deals but no actual rooms available! That’s the weird thing that those promotions are still around but no rooms to be found anywhere… Were you able to find anything?

Based on all the people on here who say they get leading reservations to get dining reservations before their window opens up I expect at around the 60 day mark people might cancel their extra reservation and free up some rooms.


I did everything but put in my credit card number

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Are you following the restrictions placed on the offer?

That will be good to double check. Thanks for this tip.

I am not using the offer but thanks so much for looking at it and trying it out. Is it usually so expensive around the holidays? We have Pop on hold for around those days at $240 which doesn’t seem like a value but also can’t find anything else and I want us to be able to travel to HS and Epcot easily.