December 2018 ADRs

Has anyone been able to make ADRs for December? My window for a trip starting November 30 just opened, but only November is showing up on the website.

Yes On 5/29 I made reservations for Dec 1&2 based on on-site reservations

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Have you got your reservation linked?

Are you signed onto MDE?

Then go into the dining page, and when you select your date, it should show up the dates of your stay in blue.

I know there have been glitches recently, with people unable to book their whole stay at once. But I thought those had been sorted, as in no new reports of issues.

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Thanks. My reservation is linked and it is showing up in MDE.

What a bummer! Of course I will call as soon as they open.

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A couple of other things could be the issue.

Where are you staying? I’m not sure if the DS hotels have the length of stay privellege for booking.

Also it isn’t a split stay? If so, there will be two windows. But then you would at least get the first two days open (or should).

I know you said the reservation is linked. But you are definitely signed into MDE when you try to book?

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We’re staying at the Beach Club, and it’s not a split stay. I am definitely signed in. I called and the agent said “I don’t know why that sometimes happens.”

I was able to get almost everything we wanted, including BOG dinner. The only one unavailable was breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table on our last day, which I was on the fence about since we’re two adults who aren’t that into character dining. And now that I think about it more, if it’s so hard to get in to that one I don’t want to take the spot away from a kid who really wants the princess dining experience.


That’s so nice of you! Glad you got everything else you wanted.


Well, I’m not giving up Be Our Guest! :wink: My mature altruistic side has some limits.


I don’t blame you! We really enjoyed BoG dinner last year. The place is beautiful and the food was excellent! I was disappointed that they are changing to signature for dinner, so decided not to go there this time. :frowning:

I know. I’m torn about that. Is the food really good enough to be signature? We have only been for lunch and would love to go for dinner sometime.

I thought the food was really delicious and was comparable to the signature meals we tried out last year. In fact, we liked it better than HBD in HS. So, yes, I think the food is good enough to be signature. However, since the menu is changing, I don’t know. The offerings sound delicious, though. We just wanted to try out mostly new signature restaurants this time. The only one we want to go to again is Tiffins, which is our favorite signature right now.

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