December 2016 x Late January/Early February 2017

Hi! How are you?

I’m from Brazil, so excuse me for my poor english!

I intend to visit Disney World on early december of this year or late january/early february 2017.

This is becoming a very serious doubt!! =) according to Dads Guide to WDW crowd calendar (a site that i really like and thrust), the january/february option is better (i know there are other factors to consider, as special events and “refurb season” - but my doubt here is only about the crowds).

But, here,s the major issue: the touringplans crowd calendar says the opossite of Dads Guide! On Touring Plans crowd calendar, december 2016 will be less crowded than january/february 2017 (not only this, but there is a lots of “sixs and sevens” on the 2017 Touring Plans crowd calendar - i found strange, because everyone says its a good time). The problem is that i trust both! So, what should i do? Can you help me?

Witch is the best option (considering crowds)?

Thank you very much!

Welcome! I think that both sites may use their crowd calendars to measure different things (crowd in the park- walking around versus wait time in lines). December is usually a great time to visit if it is before December 20th or so. Of course, crowds have been unpredictable the last year so that can be a factor. Much of January (after the 6th or so but not around MLK weekend) is usually good, and the first couple of weeks of February.

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Hi, again!

Well, maybe i am overthinking. As i said on the other topic, it´s Disney!

I read in some other places and the information is pretty much the same of yours: both times are very nice.

In fact, we decided to go on January, 25 until february, 06. =) and already have our fllights tickets!

Again, thank you very much.

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