December 15th, 2014

Not sure what happened, but the crowd tracker hasn’t moved, but my touring plan just went nuts for 12/15/2014 MK.
I had my line wait down to 237 minutes and now on a re-eval, it’s up to 300!! What happened?? Space Mnt went from 8 mins to 24!!

Sounds like a question for the TP stats gurus. E-mail, telling them what happened and giving them the plan URL. My guess is that although the CL may not have changed, something might have happened that changed the wait time profiles of some of the attractions you are planning to do.

Dunno, but we will be there that night for the party :slight_smile:

I just posted about this on the main board. I didn’t even realize that their was a Touring Plan section. It seems that it is that way from the beginning of December on. My AK dates that I posted about below are on the 6th and the 11th. I haven’t messed with any of the others yet. I am afraid that I will cry when I do.
Here is my original post.

The first day of my trip isn’t until December 5th. I have been tracking the days on the crowd calendar and it hasn’t changed recently. I had all of my TP’s done, knowing that I might have to tweak them. Yesterday I changed a FPP+ time on one of my AK days and updated it. Wowza! It went from having EE as a couple minute wait for the first hour or so to a 18-20 minute wait. I went to my other AK day and clicked evaluate (with no changes) and it did the same thing. I haven’t tried any other parks yet.
Is something up with the system or is that real? I really hate to redo everything, which I would need to do, because with the new times we wouldn’t get through half of a plan in the day, if it is just some kind of glitch.