Dec in wdw

Telll me for those of you that have gin after thanksgiving/ first week dec, how is it . Crowds weather etc.

My most favorite time to go. Weather is beautiful, crowds are manageable, Christmas decorations are all up, party is in full swing, prices are reasonable. I love that time of year.


Went 2 years ago that week. It was wonderful. Weather was great, crowds were definitely on the lower side and I loved the Christmas feel to everything. I would absolutely not hesitate to do it again.

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DH and I went for a week in 2016 beginning on the Saturday following Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. The temperatures were cool, the crowds were very manageable and we did everything on our TP with extra time to spare. We filled up a whole 45 page autograph book, did RD every day, saw all the nighttime shows and just overall had a wonderful trip. I highly recommend this week.

My favorite time to visit. The only problem…so many MVMCP nights, you must plan carefully if you are not attending the party.

DD will be doing the DCP for Fall 2017 which runs Aug - Jan. I’m really hoping to be able to visit her between both holidays. DH will not have any vacation time left so I will either bring my mom or go for my first solo trip!
Following along to see everything others have to say :slight_smile:

It was a nice time to go. I loved seeing all of the decorations. The crowds were ok. The temperatures were nice. Good time to go.

And going solo means you can really enjoy the decorations at your own pace.

We just returned from that period in 2016. We arrived the Sunday after Thanksgiving and left the next Saturday. The nights were cool but not cold and the highest temp during the day was 83 F. It sprinkled just one morning otherwise no rain but cloudy. We FassPass what we could but didn’t wait in a stand by line more that 30 minutes.

Having done WDW in September for a number of years, this was very comfortable. On MVMCP party days (Sunday & Thursday when we were there), the morning crowds were very light. We didn’t attend this year and left around 6 PM for other table reservations. But we plan to attend it next time.

We went Dec 4-9 2016 for our Honeymoon and the crowds were great. Granted it was crowded at some points during our trip, especially the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party days, but we had a blast. Loved all the decorations! We had previously gone over Thanksgiving week in 2015 and the crowds were WAY better this first week in December. Weather was also amazing during this time!

I need to amend my reply a bit…while the stand by lines for rides were not too bad…I forgot about some of the Meet & Greet attractions, especially anything that has to do with Frozen and Princesses…my DS and DDIL stood in 60 minute lines for their daughter…other than that I think the crowds were okay.

Thanks for all the great replies :+1:Keep em coming :blush::blush:my family and I r going the Tuesday after thanksgiving this year ( November 28 th- dec 6 th ) hopefully I will have the same luck with crowds and weather. We’re from Chicago so leaving temperatures most likely in the 30-40 to go to Disney, anything will feel better

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