Dec Disney vacationers

Well I just thought I would take questionare asking who’s going in December. I’m also wondering out of us going who is still going crazy with ADR rearranging,park day touring plans, etc. are there any of those really organized people that are already buying/ planning things to pack?
I myself have made ADR but now am re-thinking about switching my Epcot day with AK if ROL package ever comes out . I also can’t figure Epcot out. Eat early and ride soaring/etc later or the opposite.y mind is spinning.

That would be me! All of the above! :grin:

Taking the family in December and glad to hear I’m not the only one going crazy! Made and cancelled several ADRs, which is more difficult since we are staying off property and had to be online at 5am five consecutive days. This will be our 5th trip (over a span of 19 years), 3rd using TP and I think this has been the most stressful planning yet! I’ll feel a lot better when I can reserve my ROL package as that is the only detail that remains–I hope!

Andrea and myself are going for our Honeymoon, 12/21 - 12/31. We were going to be staying at POP but changed to CS (Coronado Springs) We have the Deluxe dining plan and are also going to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour. We plan on taking it a bit easy and try to make it more relaxed. The ADR’s were a bit crazy but we have managed to get what we were looking for. The one place that we wanted to eat at, even though it is so expensive is V&A at the Chef’s Table. We called right at 8:00am CST and got a recording. They called back and there were no Chef’s Table for any night from 12/21 to 12/30 but there was a seating available in the Queen Victoria Room for on the 26th, which we took. I called the following week to see if it would be possible to change the time we had, but thought I would give it a shot to ask if there was an opening for the Chef’s Table anytime from 12/21 to 12/30 and after they did a little checking, was told that 12/30 was available for the Chef’s Table. I told them yes, we would take it and make any changes to our other dining reservations we would have to do. We are also waiting to do a ROL package and hope that their will be a Mama Melrose Fantasmic package.
We will be posting more about our plans and the way it looks will do another trip report with lots of pictures.
We are having to do changes to our touring plans and might have to change some of the ADR’s due to changes that are coming to WDW but that is all part of how things go. We are trying to remember that this trip is our Honeymoon and that we need to take it easy and relax - not easy as I want to go to every rope drop and also catch the night shows.

We are headed to WDW in early December and I have all our ADRs picked out. I’m still waiting for availability to Frozen ever after desert party and the river of lights packages to become available but other than that im done with the ADRs.

As for touring plans I have a rough frame work done, but I plan to have pretty much every minute planned out for the week, I’m just super detailed on my plans.
DAY 1: Epcot in the afternoon we arrive(flight comes in at 10am) dinner at garden grill then candlelight processional to end the night
Day 2: Epcot again finishing up anything we didn’t do the previous day, we are getting via nopoli pizza to take back to the resort and spending the rest hanging out at the resort,
Day 3: Hollywood Studios with Disney Jr. play and dine before the park opens and sci fi dining for dinner along with fantasmic vip viewing
Day 4: magic kingdom day, Cinderella Royal table for breakfast before the park opens, dinner at Crystal palace before we go to the MVMCP in the evening
Day 5: Animal kingdom and tusker house dinner as the park closes, we love being at the parks as the close or open for our ADRs there is something magical about the parks basically be empty
Day 6: back to Animal kingdom but then off to o’hana for dinner.
Day 7: Last day in the parks, back to MK, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique before park opens, Dinner at Be Our Guest
Day 8: Bon Voyage Breakfast, walk the boardwalk and then over to Disney Springs for the day, back to the resort and off on the Magical Express to catch our flight home at 9pm

So that’s the rough plan now gotta build in breaks and make all the rides fit. My DD4 is really into the characters and rather she get to see them at meals then wait in the lines through out the parks.

I am in the same boat. 12/2-12/9 and frustrated about planning evening activities without knowing about ROL, Frozen dessert party, Star Wars dessert party, etc. All of our evenings are unplanned because we need that info to fill them in!

The lady I spoke to last night said ROL is available to book through the end of Nov, so any day now the window for the beginning of Dec will open. The weird thing is I’ve not showing anything after Oct for any of these dining packages

We are heading there 11/28-12/4! I’m still trying to adjust ADRs to get what we want (meal timing is a little more critical for us since we have young kids). I have parks picked for each day and trying to narrow down what attractions we want to see and what will fit in a TP! Also waiting for ROL packages!

RoL Dining is not available to book through November yet. It’s only able to be booked until the end of October. They have the dates and times listed for RoL now, but no dining packages available yet.

We are Dec 15-20. ADRs are killing me!! This is the first time going with a party of 9. Couldn’t get a few things on ADR day and then changes some park days so now I have to make more changes. Trying to be flexible but we have Deluxe Dining Plan so I’m also trying to make sure we get the best bang for our buck!
Also waiting on ROL dining package, would like to do Tiffins for that. Trying to get BOG dinner (but not holding my breath) and hoping to change our HBD dinner to a F! package but as of right now there is no availability.

Dec. 22 - 27 for me and DH (I’m a teacher and can never take advantage of off-season). Also checking every day for FEA Dessert Party and RoL dining package. I’ve had to already change ADR 5 times as we just found out one adult son will be joining us for a few of these days. Does anyone know if I can keep the same ADR for Tiffins when RoL is released?

I’m going as a party of 10 with extended family, although I’m primarily with my DH and our DD6 & DS4 (at trip time) for their first trip. We’re splurging a bit & doing a split stay at WL and AoA, and one night we will do MVMCP. My sister & I got up super early at our 180 day mark but could not get our priority ADR, which was breakfast at Akershus. We weren’t doing any other TS restaurants so that was a big ouch! Thankfully the reservation finder here at TP came through for us & I could not be more appreciative! <3 <3 <3

So, my ADRs are pretty settled, and I think we are mostly set on which days we will do which parks. My Mom, sister & myself have a day planned next month where we will knock out the touring plans for each day & select the FPs we hope to obtain.

About packing though - I am one of those “really organized people” the OP mentioned, because I have bought AND packed some things already! :grinning: I have been planning this trip since last November, and we are doing some “Tinker Bell” gifts for our kiddos, so I’ve been picking up some trinkets here & there that Tinker Bell will leave on their pillows each day - cheaper to buy here at home on sales or ebay, plus we’re hoping it will help cut back on the gimmies at the parks. We also have asked for (and received) some special Disney clothes our dress up items from last Christmas, Easter, etc that are being saved for our trip, so that’s all put aside in 2 bins, just waiting to go into suitcases. Because this is probably the only trip to Disney that we will get to take while our children are young, I’m going to be one of ‘those families’ that dress in a coordinated way, so I’ve also been planning things out & preparing for that. For example, we’ll all wear Lion King themed shirts when we are at AK, so I’ve been shopping for those. And, our whole party of 10 do plan to have matching shirts for MVMCP night too - so you might see us! LOL! I think I probably have TOO MANY things to bring, actually, but I am a fan of being prepared!