Dec 4th Oga's cancellation

FYI, thought you guys might like this info. Not sure specifically what is happening, but just got word this afternoon my Oga’s res at 5pm on Dec 4th is needing to be cancelled or rescheduled. Galaxy’s Edge is closing to the public at some point earlier that day. Guess is something to do with the opening of RotR the next day…

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We have Droid Depot at 10:20 on 12/4. I haven’t heard anything, so hopefully we’re good to do our SWGE touring that morning!

Rise of the Resistance opens the next day. My guess is they are closing down Galaxy’s Edge at some point on 12/4 that night for a media type event.

I got the same call for my Oga reservation at 5pm. I looked on Disney’s site and it looks like everything (Millennium Falcon, Oga, Milk Stand, Docking Bay 7, etc.) now have an end-time of around 4pm on Dec 4th. I still haven’t gotten re-confirmation for changing the time of my reservation for Oga, but the CM said she would call me back this weekend. I am going to have to change my plans a little for the day with SWGE closing early!

And then I found out the President will be at Grand Floridian on Dec 7th! I was hoping plans would start to solidify but we will see how many more changes happen before I leave on Nov 27th for FL!

In the same boat!! We will be at SWGE on 12/4 too, but in the morning. We are also arriving 11/27. And leaving 12/7. It’s crazy how hard this trip has been to plan!