Dec 2021 - Recent MK Fireworks Dessert Party Experiences?

I’m thinking about the fireworks dessert party and have a few questions for anyone who has done this recently.

  1. What were the food/drink options and how was the quality? I think I remember reading in someone’s trip report that it was not as good as the beforetimes.

  2. For the pre-show party, can we arrive at 630, scarf some food and then go back out to ride a ride or two before going to the garden viewing area around 730-745?

That was me. The food offering was poor and not value for money. There’s a bigger focus on booze.

It really comes down to whether you are willing to pay $100 or so per person for a decent spot to watch Enchantment.

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Was it possible to leave and come back or were you required to stay there once you checked in?

You’re free to come and go. You have a wristband that grants you entry to the food area and viewing area.


This is what I remembered from 2019. Thanks!

@LTinNC82 and I did the Treat & Seat version and we tried to get our money’s worth of booze and food out of it. LT did better than me :wink: :rofl: :beers: w/ booze. I really did like the wine they were serving. Lots of dessert, 2 kinds of beers, 2 kinds of wine (LT will correct me) cheese and crackers but they were like the kind you’d get at Sam’s Club… not Disney at all. The seating was great if you were like us and got closer to the railing.


I read one review recently they preferred the post party the best of the three. They said the view from Tomorrowland Terrace is not as good as Plaza Gardens for the seats. And they said they felt rushed doing the before party. They felt the $99 was worth it when they went because it was extremely crowded outside their roped off area. For me and my issues with crowds I bought it. I booked the post based on their review and my son wanted “real” food for dinner so thought we check in, grab a burger or a hot dog and then eat before the show and then have dessert after. Now I could 100% have dessert for dinner but somehow I raised two children who are not super big fans of sweets.

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We’ve got a late dinner at Citrico’s, so after party is not an option. Only the pre-show party was available anyways.

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Yup that lines up with my search for that day too but there was a single spot when I looked and were three people. Glad you were able to grab it.

This used to be great. No-one knew about it, so it was really relaxed and quiet. When I went in October it was heaving.

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It was definitely calm in Jan 2020. I was dealing with a home emergency at the time so I didn’t get to enjoy it. We had left the dog door open at 5am whenever we had to go to the airport which is abnormal. We had a foster dog that was blind so she barked at every stinking noise because she didn’t know what was what or how close it was. Apparently at 6am she went out and barked her head off and my neighbor called the cops. My dog sitter arrived that evening after work (she lives at my house but she works days as a vet tech at the dog shelter I foster dogs with) and there was a note from the police to call them. Therefore, I was dealing with that during the party and didn’t eat or drink anything consequently. This time I’m leaving hubby behind and he works from home so crowds might be better than trying to keep the cops from writing you a noise violation ticket. :wink:

Yeah @ppehap and I did the seated version a few weeks ago. It was really nice to have an uncrowded and seated view of the show. It’s not head on, but it was plenty adequate as most of the fireworks I feel are aimed that direction AND Tinkerbell flew right over our heads. Now the food selections were absolutely lacking and not at all worth the price. They had Bud Light and Blue Moon, a red a white and a champagne for alcohol. Every single thing about this party was sub par from an offerings stand point. I did it as a special event and as a chance to finally see Enchanted with a decent view bc I am not messing with that sea of humanity. It was also the main thing I was trying to accomplish that day so I had no problem ‘wasting’ that much time on it.

If you’re mainly doing it for the view in the gardens and are OK with paying $100 to stand on a patch of semi crowded grass for 20 minutes I’d say go for it.