Dec 2019 Crowd Calendar

Hi first post. We have always gone the week after Thanksgiving but this year we are moving to 2nd week of Dec. The crowd calendar for my trip window has opened up.

This seems very light to me… I am assuming we are looking at this without SWGE since we don’t have a firm release date?

Even if there was a firm release date, I don’t think the CLs will be accurate. No way to predict this beast.

I feel like 10 will be accurate every day for HS and add at least 2 to every other number

Look at this year at that week… then if it is open you know it will be more…

History indicates that SWGE will not be open, in Florida, yet. So, those numbers are accurate. I’ve always loved the second and third weeks of December, with the medium crowds, cool weather, and holiday decorations.

I agree. That week is the lull.

What makes you think that? They are saying “Fall, 2019”. I would be shocked if it’s not open by Thanksgiving.

I would be hesitant to take the latest crowd calendar estimates as being very accurate. Sounds like they made adjustments to their software that calculates the crowds, and recalculated crowds for 2019. This has caused some drastic changes for certain dates, that seem to be out of wack with past years.

IE: Crowd cacluations for the end of January and beginning of March jumped overnight from 4-5 to 9-10.

Seems like there may be a “glitch” in their new calculations.