Dec 20-21.. Just two days, what should I squeeze in? opening times and EMH?

So I’ll try to keep it short: due some unfortunate change of plans, we will have just a two day stop in WDW on dec 20-21. I already went from being bummed to being terrified to being ok with it, because our last trip wasn’t too far back and I am fine with the fact that we’ll see just some of our favorite things and won’t stress it.

But I still want to squeeze in 4 parks, 2 per day. is that ridicilous? I’m fine with doing just a few rides considering how busy it’ll be. Since our stay is shorter, I’m also considering buying CL FP’s (I know its a 3 day minimum, but I assume I can just use 2 days out of it and realize I’ll lose money…), which will open up a lot of FP’s if we hop parks and get to book them earlier (60+2 days during those dates might be a challenge for popular rides?). I guess I need convincing we are fine with park hopping on both days, or I need talking out of it.

Also a question regarding EMH…

I’m currently seeing early opening for MK on friday the 20th, and for AK on the 21st (sat).

Is there a possibility there will be another park with EMH for either day? I recall that they would’ve had double EMH’s around those dates last year, but I can’t see it on the TP crowd calendars. Or is it just a day or two around christmas that I’m thinking about?

Also, any guesses on whether HS will have an earlier opening considering they’ll have both rides open by then?

Sorry, this might be a confusing post, but I am confused myself, so…

My mom and I took my kids last October for 2 nights. Arrival day we did hit up pm emh at Epcot but lasted maybe an hour so I don’t count that as a park day. Lol. First full day we did EMH in AK, swimming at Poly, evening at MK. Day 2 we did morning in Epcot, early dinner at B&C and then my son and I went to HS to see TSL. We weren’t expecting to see everything and of course we didn’t get close but we knew that going in and had fun!!

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Thank you, thats encouraging!

I’m not used to park hopping when my kids have been younger, in fact the last time I hopped parks was probably as a teenager 20 years ago! But they are old enough to handle slightly longer days now.

I’m sure they’ll be fine!! I really enjoy PH. How old are your kids?

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do something with extending hours at HS during the Christmas break weeks. It’s always nuts that week anyway and is the first big school break where SWGE will have both attractions open.

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It’s pricey, but have you considered the Day of Thrills VIP Tour? You get to go to three parks - MK, Epcot and HS and ride many of the headliner rides (not Smugglers Run) without waiting. It also includes lunch and private transportation between the parks. $350 per person and you need park hopper tickets.

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I had a look at that earlier but it doesn’t really match with our ride preferences so not worth it, plus we prefer to travel at our own pace. Thanks for the idea though!

I ended up taking the plunge with CL FP, since our trip shortened I figured it will be worth it. I spent several nights scratching my head and trying to figure out what to book for each park. So far, the plan to hit all 4 parks om two days stands. We should be able to squeeze in some park time on our arrival night, so we’ll actually get use out of all 3 days of the CL FP.

I’ll try to write up our plans at some point, right now they are scribbled on paper :rofl:

On a sidenote, it was very positive experience booking the CL FP. I have very mixed experiences when it comes to calling Disney, but SS handled this super smoothly. I had to call from the car while travelling and had all my preferences scribbled down. Since it was exactly 90 days I got everything exactly like I had hoped.


Glad to hear you made a decision you’re comfortable with to maximize your time. We have a couple more days and also opted for the CLFP purchase. My 90 checkout day is tomorrow, so I will be giving SS a call in the am with my wish list! Hope you have a great time!

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