Dec 18 MK plan seems to too good to be true!

Previously I had made a touring plan for MK on Dec 18 which included rope dropping Space and Buzz, then FP+ for Pooh, PP and 7DMT. This is a party day but we don’t have tickets. Now MK has added EMH at 8 which we will do, so I re-optimized my plan and it looks so good as far as wait times that I can’t believe it! We want Space x 2, Buzz x 2 and all the Fantasyland rides one time. We won’t need any character meets and we have a 2nd day at MK later. My new plan has us starting with Pooh, PP and 7DMT then going to Space and Buzz, then finishing the rest of Fantasyland by 1 or 2. No standby wait time was over 30 min and it doesn’t have any FP+ recommendations. This seems a lot better than my previous plan. Does the extra hour from 8-9 make that much difference? If I don’t use any FP+ at MK that morning, I can use them for the evening at Epcot which would be a huge bonus for us.

I would check your walking settings. And, recalculate. CL is a 9 that day. Not recommending FPs does seem weird. If you publish your plan and link it here, someone could probably take a look.

I’d like to see too! If it’s optimized and you follow the plan you should be able to rely on it based on what I’ve read…We have one weird CL9 day at MK on our trip so I need to have my TP figured out and optimized as well…from what I’ve been told, TP is more important than CL though.

This is basically most everything we hoped to do that day. I didn’t ask for Teacups, Carousel or Barnstormer–we could skip those. I’m not even sure we will want to do Tomorrowland Speedway but I just put it to see the wait time. Being able to see the Haunted Mansion before our 2:10 BOG reservation like on the plan would be great. I’ll probably check it again multiple times before my FP+ time comes in 3 weeks! It may make me too nervous to not have any FP+, especially for 7DMT.

Did you tell the TP you had 3 FPP to book? You have some higher than 15minutes wait times that could use FPP. It looks like the system does not think you have any to use.z

I have a similar situation in October for MK - crowd level is 5 for MK and it’s a MNSSHP day. The longest stand by line is 16 minutes (I find that hard to believe)

Peter Pan 13 min on a CL 9 day is extremely suspicious.

SInce I published the above plan, I changed it around and added some FP’s so the 13 min wait reflects a FP for PP. I didn’t realize the link would show the updated version of the plan. I thought the old version would still show. Anyway…the wait times still seem pretty low overall throughout the morning on a CL 9 day the week before Christmas.

A quick “is this in the ballpark?” check would be to look at the wait times for the same day last year (Sunday, Dec 20, 2015). Here’s Small World, which shows waits 15 minutes or lower through noon. The 16-minute estimate in the plan seems reasonable.

Same thing with Tomorrowland Speedway, which averaged a 10-20 minute wait around 9 a.m. (we’re estimating 14).

You can do this with any attraction, for any day in the past.

For now, the plan’s wait times look reasonable to me.

ETA: It looks like these graphs might be shifting the time zone back 3 hours (so 9 am looks like 6 am). I’ll ask the devs to adjust.

Thanks Len. That’s helpful.