Dealing with Post Disney blues

… how do you recover from the sadness that your Disney vacation is over??

I am sitting at my desk, so sad to not be there :frowning: No idea when we will be back!

DD starts Kindergarten this fall and traveling will be so different now.

I guess I will just focus on being thankful for what we did have!


I always come back and start planning a return trip. I love reading other’s trip reports and looking back through photos as well. I hope the summer helps keep you from getting too down.


I found writing a trip report really helped - we had 14 nights so it took a while as it was pretty detailed and had lots of pics. It was a few months later that it hit me again :confused:


I likely won’t go back for 2-3 years. But here I am hanging out in TP forum.


When we were at Universal in February, we found ourselves lamenting the fact that we weren’t at Disney a good portion of the time. Not that we weren’t enjoying ourselves…but it was sad to be THAT close to our true love, but instead we were cheating on her by going to UOR. We made two separate trips to Disney Springs to help with our guilt.

But ever since coming back from that trip, my wife and I have been obsessed with planning our Disney trip in 2020. Yet, it is still so far away!


I completely understand. I agree with others about hanging out on here. I was lucky enough to get 3 trips in last year, but now it’s looking like it will be 2019 or later before I get back. Helping people on here and reading trip reports has helped ease the pain. I’ve really enjoyed the photo trip reports this week from a few liners.


I hear you! We just did our “once and done” trip, but we had SUCH a great time and I liked planning it so much that i’m feeling withdrawal. That makes me inclined to think we should go again, but also not sure that we’d like it as much repeating stuff vs. getting to see the stuff we did for the first time this trip.

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You would.


I’ve been 7 or 8 times (or 9…losing count!). My wife and I are still planning to go for our 25th Anniversary in 2020. There is still so much to do that we’ve not done, plus all the stuff we HAVE done and love.

I think it is hard to fall out of love with Disney once you’ve been. (Okay, they are making some business decisions that are really annoying and maddening…but that’s true of ANY romantic relationship, no?)


Which ones are annoying you?

The only way to get over the sadness is to start planning for another trip. In your case, I would plan for a trip in your daughter’s last year of elementary school (it is much easier to have kids out of class as opposed to middle & high school) After our last rip when we thought we wouldn’t be back in a decade at the earliest, we started charging every single purchase on our Disney credit card and after 3 years we accumulated enough points that we were able to have 1/3 of the trip paid for.


The problem is, if I answer that question I’ll get angry. And to borrow from one Bruce Banner, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

The most recent and most significant one for me is the Resort Parking Fee.


That’s fair


I said in a different post a few weeks ago after our trip…we love vacations and we love being at Disney. But what I realized is I dont have a strong urge to actually be on vacation again already. what I miss is making and executing the plan. I keep reliving our trip and mentally planning what worked and what I’d do a little differently. I want a mulligan just to do it again better. oh well, back to DL next year.


My wife makes photobooks through Snapfish of our vacations. It is fun to reminisce by picking up one of those vacations and reliving the experience through the pictures.

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CPlan for 2021 then.

By then, Star Wars and the Skyliner (gondolas) will be open.

Plus …
Star Wars immersive resort
UK ride
Tomorrowland re-do (makeover) including Speedway
Guardians of the Galaxy coaster
Space themed restaurant
Possibly another WS Pavillion
At least one new resort, maybe two (old River Country site plus Epcot)

… and more.


ETA Oh yes, and speak to @profmatt about his “one and done” trip!


My trip last year was a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The trip I am taking this year is wholly different.

Last year I went to WDW and UOR. This year — by contrast — I am going to UOR and WDW. As you can clearly see, these are completely different things.

I don’t know how this could be any clearer or simpler.


Mostly, not completely.

You see, they’re anagrams: “WDW and UOR” uses the exact same letters as “UOR and WDW”. Outside of that fact, though, I agree at the total difference.


The words “auctioned” and “cautioned” also have nine letters in them and are anagrams. But no-one would suggest that they are the same thing.

So it is with last year’s holiday and this year’s.

They really couldn’t be more different. Last year’s was 10 days in August. This year’s is eight days in June. Last year I went with a friend. This year I’m going on my own. Last year’s was in 2017. This year’s is in 2018.

So it is completely reasonable to say that last year’s holiday was a one-off-never-to-be-repeated vacation. Because I am not repeating it this year.

I hope this clarifies the matter. As you can see, it’s all completely above board and no cheating has been involved.