DDP with alcohol...am I reading this correctly?

So I am fleshing out my daily plans and I just read that on the new 2018 DP, you can get an alcoholic beverage with both QS and with TS credits. I just want to double check before I start switching to restaurants that offer beer & wine.

Yes! 2018 gets you a drink with lunch and dinner. Plus I’ve heard that parents have been able to use their child’s credit for an extra drink.


I’m now looking specifically at these restaurants:

H&V (L)
Liberty Tree (D)
Tusker (L)
Chef Mickey (Brunch)

Do these places offer adult beverages for these meals?

BOG does not offer beer or wine at lunch.

IF any of these offered an alcoholic beverage already, possibly.

But I have not heard of any place adding alcohol to their menu just for this.

(Also have not heard of parents being able to use their child’s as the child’s can be a milkshake or whatever.)

Tusker House and LTT dinner both have alcohol.

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This has been reported from a few folks on chat. Sometimes a parent does not want to give their child one more sugary snack… but would take another glass of wine with dinner if available… so bingo!


Interesting. I am on another forum and people there have reported being specifically denied. It seems that it’s a CM by CM basis.

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On the first day, someone on chat did it at ‘Ohana. I haven’t personally seen any other reports of doing it.

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I think all TS restaurants have alcohol, but QS at MK don’t, which is why BOG lunch is excluded.

Do all the TS restaurants at MK serve alcohol now?

I do not think CP or the Plaza?

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The places that serve alcohol in MK are CRT, Tony’s, Skipper Canteen, Liberty Tree Tavern and Be Our Guest.

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Thanks @PrincipalTinker and @lecras is it only during dinner, or lunch too?

BOG is only dinner but the others serve alcohol during lunch. It is only beer/wine, well- CRT may have champagne?