DDP Snacks that aren't Desserts

Does anyone have suggestions on snacks credits that I could use on items that aren’t desserts? I am specifically looking at snacks I could use in MK or even at MK resorts. I have seen I could get a baked potato or a cup of chili but are there any others?


Here’s 269 pages of DDP snacks! - http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/menu_items?search=&location=&category=&snack=true


Plus lattes etc at Starbucks

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My favourite ‘DDP snack as breakfast’ in the MK is a cream cheese pretzel from The Lunching pad - I suppose it is kind of a sweet dessert type thing though.

this list is awesome! thanks!

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The list isn’t working for me?? What am I doing wrong??? :frowning:

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Didn’t work for me either.

Yeah I just got a page saying no menu items found.

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Gaston’s Tavern has hummus and chips, veggies and dip, and fruit cup that are all snack items.

Clam Chowder at CHH is a snack.

Like a whole fruit or popcorn?

Funny, I just tried it from the app and just found the search items there is not working.

I guess the search is not working with the iOS update but here is another thread DDP inclusion: are these links still accurate?

Smoothies are refreshing and filling.