DDP questions?

We have a family of 4. My kids are 12 and 14, so no kids meals. Can we go to a table service meal and only use 3 credits and share the meals? It would make our credits last longer and we would eat all the food.

Yes! Your credits go into a general pool for the room for the length of stay. So you'll have 4 adult credits x number of days, and you can use them however you wish. You can't share meals at buffets, of course, but you can choose how to pay for whatever you order at a TS restaurant just like in the real world. 1 person can eat an appetizer that you pay for instead of using a credit, for example, and 1 uses a credit and the other two use 1 credit for a shared meal. That would be some money out of pocket and 2 credits used. Then you'd have more left over for an extra meal. You have to be careful that you don't waste credits using this method though. Make sure you have enough meals planned to use them all.

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You would not be able to do this with any character meals, dinner shows, or buffets. Otherwise you should be able to share entrees at other places. thumbsup Your kids can also order off the kids menu if there is something that they would like and you can just pay out of pocket for that and save the credits.