DDP Question :)


Hey Everyone ! If I have the Regular DDP, and I am booked in a package for 8 days, is the DDP applicable for 7 or 8 days ? Trying to sort out my credits. Thanks so much !


You get your allotted credits for each booked night at your hotel. You can use them as you see fit, anytime between your check-in and midnight on your check out date.


Hi, @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1! That makes sense - my total number of credits will technically cover 7 nights, and I can spread them out however we need. Thanks so much !!


Yes.. you can use them all the first day if you wanted to. Or get all your snack credits at one time.. use them however you would like


Oops I was thinking that was a question... lol sorry!


Thanks for the added input, @disneyobsessed1 ! Hopefully we'll be able to space them out....it'll be hard with F & W though !