DDP Pooling & Conversion

Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I’ve searched the forums and haven’t been able to find anything recent on this topic. Not sure if this is a FAQ and worth pinning, but here goes.

We’ve already decided to purchase the DDP - the “regular” plan with 1 QS, 1 TS, and 2 Snack credits per day. Without trying to debate whether it’s a good value, I’m trying to understand how the points are pooled, and whether I can actually rely on down-conversion of points.

I assume I start the trip, in our case six days and five nights, with a pool of points. I assume it is actually three pools - QS, TS, and Snacks – and not one big pool.

It’s not clear to me whether the number of days is calculated with our nights or days, but we have park tickets for six days so I assume DDP covers the duration, though that might be a bad assumption.

I’ve gathered by reading some of the content here that 1 QS may be worth three snacks. Is this in fact a rule that we can rely on, or are we subject to the generosity of the individual vendor?

Is there any similar conversion for TS – to QS and to Snacks?

I assume there is no “up conversion” – from Snacks to QS or from QS to TS.

Lastly, I’ve read that many (if not most) of the stalls at Epcot’s F&W will accept Snack credits. That is really the reason for the questions… We are debating whether to plan on a QS/TS meal at Epcot, or to use our QS or even TS credits throughout the day at various pavilions. We are a party of six – if we can use 1 QS credit to get 3 snacks at the same stall we may skip a traditional QS meal altogether our day in Epcot (but likely still plan on TS for dinner).

Thanks in advance!

5 nights means 5 TS, 5 QS, and 10 Snacks per person, so assuming your party are all over the age of 3 you would have 30 TS, 30 QS and 60 Snacks total. Each category is tracked separately; however, you can convert 1 QS credit into 3 Snack credits in the same transaction, i.e. at the same cash register. You would need to tell the cast member you wish to do that. One time when I did that the cast member didn’t know how to do it, but was able to get someone else to help her. I’m not sure whether everywhere can/will do the conversion, maybe someone else can advise if they know.

Snack credit days can be a lot of fun. We had a lot of snacks left at the end of one trip and spent a day just eating snacks and enjoyed that almost as much as the meals.


Thank you!

No trading up as you guessed. You cannot use QS credits for a TS meal, which people who have the “free QS dining” often ask.

The conversion of a QS to 3 snacks is generally available, but there are reports from time to time that some places refuse to do it. It isn’t guaranteed. I seem to recall the POP and / or AoA food court(s) being one place they won’t allow it.

Unfortunately I have had to do the snack conversion several times at the end of trips. I had no issues at AoA in 2014 and no issues the last three years at Pop.

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All TS credits are pooled if you are all adults. If you are 2 adults and 2 children for five nights you would have 10 adult TS, 10 children TS, 20 QS (all the same) and 20 snacks.

I have never had an issue trading a QS for 3 snacks. I love using QS and snack credits at food booths in Epcot during festivals . You need to get three snack eligible items at one booth to use the QS credit.


Thank you! I believe I’ve read for the dining plans, “children” means ages 3-9.

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Yes! Do you have any children in your party or all Disney adults?

One child (5yo). Though I won’t be surprised if my 12yo or 13yo decide to order from the children’s menu from time to time.

We went to guest services and had them swap out some QS credits for snacks, so they were ready for us to use anywhere without any trouble. With 2 snacks per day, I’m not sure we’re going to need to do that this year, but during Food and Wine, we love to use snack credits at the EPCOT booths!


You can all use any of those snack and QS credits but you cannot pool child and adult TS credits. Enjoy!

I will throw out there that QS credits are not separated into child or adult. So you can order an adult meal with your 5yo’s credit if you like. It’s great for sharing meals (order 3 adult QS meals & share between everyone, etc).

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we also have way too many snack credits at the end of the trip. Even though we seem to be eating snacks all the time. So ‘mdbundy’ don’t think you need to ration your snacks, most people I talk to have snack credits left at the end of their trip. So before you leave on your last day you can eat more snacks or use them to buy bagged candy.


Thank you for reminding me of that. There are a few QS meals we’re likely going to split 2 or 3 credits’ worth between the 4 of us, so that with our 5 night plan it covers meals on the 6 days it’s valid.

I know in the terms it says if a kids menu is available you should order off it for a child under 10 with the dining plan. But since the kids’ menu items are so much cheaper and the QS credits aren’t age-dependent, would it work if we ordered 2 adult meals and 1 kid meal at a particular restaurant to have the dining plan credits cover the adult meals and pay cash for the kid food?

I have found that during food and wine snacks are used. The trick is using up those QS credits at the booths since you are replacing meals with snacks.


We’ve had no problems doing that. You could also just order the kids meal separately to make things less confusing.

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I didn’t see it explicitly stated, so I’ll mention that you can use a TS credit to buy a QS meal. The rate is 1:1. Also, buffets and family style dinners don’t distinguish between kid TS and adult TS.