DDP newbie question

We were able to get the free dining for our trip this fall. I’ve never used the plan before, and there is one thing that I haven’t been able to find a direct answer to on the forum or on other sites. We want to optimize our use of the plan so that we use our credits on the most expensive food purchases - especially for snacks. If we are using our magic bands to pay, how do we indicate to the CM that we want to charge it to our room instead of using a DDP credit? At what point in the transaction do I need to make this clear to the CM? When I’m ordering? Will they ask me or do I need to be proactive about it? Thanks!

They should ask you up front, before you order, if you are on the Dining Plan. You can tell them that you will be charging to the room and not to your plan.

And remind them again when you’re ready for the check and again when the check comes.

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Thanks so much! I started fretting about this almost as soon as we decided to go for the plan. I figured there must be a way, but I really helps to have an expert confirmation. :smile:

Glad to help! Enjoy your trip!!

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Your receipt will also show if you’ve used credits, so you can always double-check that before you leave the till.

I found on my last trip I had to say, “I want to use a snack credit for this”, specifically at WS booths. It was a rookie mistake. I never charge to my band but I have a 5.95 charge on my credit card because I did not say that.

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You will get two receipts. One showing the costs of the meal with suggested tip amounts for table service and one with .00 showing you used the DDP. You then can write in your tip to charge it to your MB.