DDP meals designated for 2 people on menu

I’m considering DDP and one place we will definitely eat is Yachtsman Steakhouse as it is both of my DS favorite restaurant. Last time we were there (not on dining plan), they ordered and loved the 28 oz Porterhouse for Two, so I’m fairly certain they’ll want to get it again.

My question is, can that count as both of their entrees? So they could order 2 apps, the porterhouse, 2 boozy drinks (both are adults), and 2 desserts and use 4 credits (YSH is signature)? Or will they plain not be allowed to order it on the dining plan? I’ve googled and searched the forum and can’t find an answer for this. TIA.

Not positive how it works at Yachtsman but my husband and I have ordered a platter for two at La Hacienda de San Angel when on the dining plan and had no problems. You would have to ask to be sure but I bet it would be the same for you.

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yay! Thank you!