DDP drinks vs. Rapid Refill Mugs

On the Deluxe Dining Plan, will I get free refills on my drink? If I want both coffee and orange juice at breakfast, would I need to bring along my Rapid Refill Mug to do this? Trying to figure out if I will need to use my RRM at all, especially since it would either involve a trip back to the room to drop it off, or have to bring it to the Parks with me (where they would be of no use…just extra baggage.) But also don’t want to have to pay extra to get coffee and OJ since I’m already paying an arm & a leg for the DDP. Suggestions?

We got the DP last time, and we could only get the free refills if we used the RRMs. I think they were only good for coffee, hot chocolate, or fountain drinks. We couldn’t use them for juices. Since the mugs can’t be filled in the parks, we dropped them back off at our room before heading out, which was a bit of an inconvenience.

If you want coffee and OJ and you are using a Meal credit for breakfast (are you doing this every day- using a credit for CS breakfast) you will need to bring you mug and get OJ for your drink. The beauty of the resort mugs is that you can get a meal, fill your mug and then get a bottled water for later. I always used snacks for breakfast (bagel or bacon and home fries) and had coffee in my mug. That allowed me to get a TS lunch and a signature dinner later. Or I would go to a character breakfast- snacks for lunch and signature dinner.

If you want to get coffee in the morning and be able to take it with you to the parks but don’t want to have to carry your mug around all day, fill your RRM and bring it directly back to your room and use the the paper coffee cups that are already there and transfer your coffee over. Ditch your RRM and then you can just toss your paper cup at the park.

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