DDP but putting tips on a Disney gift card?

We have the DDP for our upcoming trip. I have a Disney gift card loaded to use for souvenirs and hopefully tips at our TS meals. Since the meals will be charged to the dining plan, is it a simple process to use the gift card for the tip?

I’m not sure if you can do it directly, but I know you can use your magic band, charge the tip to your room, and then go to the front desk and pay the balance with a gift card. Just be sure to do it every few days or they might charge your credit card (although even if they do this, they’ll reverse it and use the GC if you ask).

Yes it’s simple. Just tell them how much you want to tip and that you’re using the card. You can do it at the restaurant, no need to add the extra step.


Great! This is exactly what I was hoping to hear!

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Absolutely, it’s quite easy. We had one card for tips and each of us had a card with spending money. Worked out great and will do it that way again.