DDP and tweens

Thinking of getting the standard dining plan (1 TS, 1QS meal), wanted to know if I can use it this way… Can I pay cash for my Tween’s meal (she is an adult on plan) and use her credits for extra meals for the adults? She is not likely to eat enough to justify DDP cost… Do they allow that?

Yes, but you’ll still have to pay adult price at buffets and all-you-care-to-eat. As the mom of a 13 yo who eats almost nothing (except ice cream and chocolate), I feel your pain!

P.S. Double-check the receipt to make sure it’s been charged correctly.

Thank you… This seems like the way to make the plan worthwhile…!

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Yes, we just did this with our 10 year old. For buffets, we used his credits, but for TS meals, he sometimes just ordered kids meals. The only thing is that the kids meals have fewer dessert options, so he sometimes wanted the adult meal for that reason. Not sure if your tween has a big sweet tooth or not.