DDP and splitting with a couple

Hi so my brother and SIL and my husband and I will b sharing a room while we are there. I know all the meals and snacks are on the room and not per couple. My question is though for when we go to TS meals, are we able to break it up by couple so that we each can pay the correct tip plus if one couple gets drinks or extra even though we r technically on the same plan?


You pay tips at the table. So you could just each leave whatever amount you want.

You can also split costs when dining in a group, so that some people use a dining plan and others pay out of pocket.

We both have the dining plan so nobody is paying out of pocket and then to tip and pay for whatever we bought my husband and I will have a credit card to our wrist band and my brother and his wife will have a credit card on theirs. We went a couple years ago with family and each member had their own credit card tied to them and each one would pay the entire tip and it equalled out by the end of the trip but it won’t b as easy for this one so that’s why I wanted to get everything split from the beginning