DDP and Hotel Discounts

So, I don’t post much but I follow along and ready almost everyone else’s posts! :slight_smile: This has become my daily break from the world and truly one of the first things I want to do after a long day at work. LOL
We are returning to WDW the first week of September (why I booked so far out I will never know!) and are staying at Contemporary. I’ve heard rumors that the “free” DDP may not be offered for our hotel this year, which is fine because I’m leaning towards taking the hotel discount anyway. But, because the DDP may not be offered for our hotel, is there a chance that they won’t offer the discounted room rate either? I mean, we’re going no matter what, and we’ve already budgeted our trip using the full rack rate but…who wouldn’t want to save some cash, right?
Hoping y’all might have some insight on this - thanks for the feedback!

My understanding is that they will offer various free dining based on the resort category. Value and Moderate resorts will get free quick service and Deluxe will get free regular dining plan. The periods are rumored to start August 2nd. We will just miss them (We are there from 7/25 - 8/1). You will be able to add them to an existing reservation but will have to call to do so (they won’t be added automatically).

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I heard the same rumor about the DDP. My guess is you’ll know this week more about the discounted hotel room, but I would think they would have that because they are offering it for the summer. Maybe they are phasing out the DDP and that’s how they are doing it?

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If you are booked now you should be booked at rack rate? You should run the numbers. How many adults/children in the room? You need to purchase park hopper tickets too with “free dining”.

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@PrincipalTinker We are booked now and there are no discounts currently tied to our reservation that I can see. We have park hoppers with our tickets and currently have the DDP on our reservation. When I crunched the numbers for room discounts vs. “free” DDP (based on what I’ve read they offered last year), the room discount still looks to be a better deal, if they in fact, offer it for CR. It’s just DH and myself going, which is why I think the room discount will serve us better overall. :slight_smile:

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I think to book the room discount, there has to be availability at your resort when you call to change your reservation.

You are almost certainly right in thinking the room discount will work out better. But check the numbers if and when they do offer it.

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@Nicky_S I am hoping to catch it early if they offer it but, this will be the first time I have ever tried for the room discount over free DDP. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens this week. Thanks for the feedback!

For two adults you will save a little more than $150 a night with free dining. I just ran a 30% discount on $600 a night room and that discount is $180- but that is theme park.

The last time I was able to grab the FD discount, I was able to modify my current reservation online. I see the comments say call, is it no longer an option to modify/change your current reservation through the website and you have to call to modify?

What view do you have?

@PrincipalTinker we don’t have Theme Park view (unfortunately), just the Bay Lake view. :frowning: Hrmmmm, sounds like both options might be very close on overall discount. But, if CR isn’t included in this years DDP, then all the number crunching will be for nuttin. Fingers crossed they don’t decide to eliminate both saving options this year!
@danimoon67 I currently have the option online to make a change to my reservation, which has a search for specials being offered so, hopefully that stays the same when/if a room rate discount populates. I really don’t want to call and be on hold for hours.

30% would be the maximum discount but it may only be 20 or 25% and free dining may save you money.

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