DDP- Am I thinking the right way about how this works?

Please help me- I have heard conflicting information! You have to be staying on property in order to have the DDP, correct? Am I still able to purchase the DDP if I purchase my park tickets from an outside source? Or, for that matter, book the room at an outside source (travelocity, etc…our corporate discount is a much better deal than what is offered on the disney website.) Please advise!

Thank you so much to those of you who have already answered questions. Everyone has been SO nice.

Also- how do you get a title after your name? It shows your screen name, and then some people have a little title thing after, some of them are silly…know what I’m talkin’ about? :blush:

According to the information I found, it looks like you must purchase one of the Magic Your Way packages that you can only get through the Disney Web site in order to get one of the Dining Plans. Here is the link to that information: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/planning-guides/in-depth-advice/disney-dining-plan/

I’m not sure on getting the title after your name. I haven’t been able to figure that out either.

I believe titles are granted by @LaurelStewart whenever the spirit so moves her. You could request one at Christmas time, but I think that was for a limited period of time - and even then, she chose it for you.

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The Disney dining plan is in addition to the magic your way packages from Disney. So buying any component elsewhere prevents you from getting the dining plan.

While the dining plan takes the worry of money out of the equation once you are in the park, unless you seek out the most expensive thing every time, it might be a struggle to save money. When I pay out of pocket, it is usually cheaper, and I don’t have to worry about letting credits go unused.

We typically don’t use the dining plan, but last May,we decided we were just going to eat counter service the whole trip and got that dining plan. I got sick and wasn’t hungry one meal. That meant I now had to eat an extra meal another day so that it didn’t go to waste. So whatever “I don’t have to worry about money stress” turned into “I have to use this credit or I’ve wasted money stress”

Titles are given out by Laurel, every once in a while she’ll give out a batch, but there is no set rule for how to get one. Politeness and sad puppy dog eyes probably help.