DDDP Question regarding Drinks

We have the Deluxe dining plan for our upcoming trip but I have a question regarding the alcoholic beverage options and how that works in relationship to other non-alcoholic beverage choices.

For example, how does Disney treat ordering a mimosa and a cup of coffee at breakfast? Do you have to pay out of pocket for the cup of coffee?

At lunch/dinner, if you order a cocktail, wine or beer - do you then pay out of pocket if you would also like an iced tea?

Basically my question boils down to - if you choose to have an alcoholic beverage at a meal, are you locking yourself into water only for the rest of the meal if you don’t want to pay for a beverage in addition to what you’ve already spent on the meal plan?

I am going to answer your question with: it depends. For example: BOG breakfast and dinner you get both a regular drink and an alcoholic drink. At the Plaza we could get the mimosa , but that was our drink. As a general rule we could get either/or. I never felt restricted in ordering any drink on a menu. I believe Frontera Cocina was the only restaurant that I remember any restrictions but we could still order the margaritas if we wanted.


You can definitely get both at buffets.