DCP! June 21!

My daughter’s girlfriend(DGF) got accepted into the college program at WDW! She is so excited! She had been accepted to the Disneyland program but it got canceled because of covid before she even started. I can’t believe she reports for duty on June 21! So soon!

She and I are kindred Disney fans, so I am crazy excited for her to. She and my daughter have been together for 4 years and they have been living with me since Covid sent their school online. All this to say that I’m close with my daughter’s girlfriend….I’m her emergency contact, Disney enabler and personal cheerleader.

My daughter and I are excited to go with her to Orlando the weekend before she reports for duty, and I want to do something fun with the girls that weekend. Well fly into Orlando late Thursday night, and she starts the following Monday. We would probably have one whole day or 2 half days to play. It seems silly to pay for a one day pass for 3 of us when:

-A one day pass is so expensive!
-DGF will get free or discounted passes soon
-APs will maybe be starting up in Aug (according to tictok), and if it’s true, I’d rather use the money toward an AP for my DD or myself.

So, I’m wondering what the Liners think. What else could we do? Are APs actually coming back soon?

I was thinking maybe a fun dinner…. At The Wave or something similar….? Maybe that’s boring, and also reservations are hard to get….

What else?


Someone posted an article that suggested APs may be coming back in late August but that’s the only, and totally unconfirmed, rumbling we’ve heard.

I would plan to do some resort hopping, maybe some DS time, and a really great dinner. Like really great. I’m thinking Homecoming, Boathouse, CG, Topo…Especially if you’re saving money by not buying park passes you can do it up a little bit big for a special treat celebrating this with her.

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What about a day at a waterpark? Those tickets are much cheaper.

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Oohhhh topo would be fun! Maybe I’ll start a couple reservation finders and see what comes up!

Thank you!

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I like the brainstorming…. We are not really water park people. :). Thanks for the suggestion!

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There’s horseback riding over at Fort Wilderness. Maybe something like that if you guys are outdoorsy?

Resort hopping and riding the Skyliner in HS/Epcot area?


Maybe check each resort for what special recreation opportunities they have available?

For instance, I happened to notice this at AKL



The current FL res discovery ticket expires June 18th so I’m predicting they do something around that date.

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I like this idea. My sisters actually just did a horseback ride at Wilderness last week and loved it. And it was reasonably priced.