DCL Vaccine Requirement 5+ Starting January 13th

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Just got that email myself and wondering the impact.
I think it’s an important update with which I agree as it maintains consistency (if you’re eligible to get it you have to get it to sail). But I know there is some vaccine hesitancy among some parents around this particular immunization.


Also it’s pretty quick. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to get two shots + buffer (does it have to be completed 2 weeks prior?).

Probably? But that should be time enough as the date is nearly 2 months out and one only needs 3-4 weeks between doses

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It feels like only 1 month! I’m already in post-Thanksgiving mode. :joy:

I think, too, the messaging to date has been that anyone who CAN get vaccinated MUST get vaccinated. So hopefully folks planning to go are themselves already on the ball with that and made that leap on their own as soon as the vaccine was approved for the littles.

I realize I’m being generous in assuming reasoning skills :laughing:


Does anyone know what happens if someone tests positive on day 5? We are on a 5n cruise and dd is 3…

Positive while on the cruise?

I think the ship gets quarantined?

CM said “they don’t know” but I read a story where they put any close contacts on deck 2 and made them disembark last

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