DCL Travel Agent

Does anyone have a TA they can recommend for booking DCL?

I’m currently using Allison Raver from Dreams Unlimited Travel. She was great and her agency offers onboard credits for booking with them. I was able to meet her in person before my cruise in September and she was so nice that I requested to use her again for my 2015 cruise. I had a lot of questions since it was my first cruise and she did a wonderful job helping me.

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I’ve used @pirategirl007 for 2 cruises now. She is fabulous.

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Thanks for the help. Do you have email addresses? How do I contact either of these people?

Lots of Liner TAs!!!:smile:

FWIW, the cruisemates with the balcony next to ours couldn’t stop (loudly) talking about “rocko” @ DCL as it was “the only person who they will talk to”… repeatedly, and did I mention Loudly, the entire cruise loudly?

matter of fact, they will repeatedly call back and hang up on non-responsive cast members until the get the best.

I used @brightlittlestarTA for August.

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Sorry. I just saw this post. Allison’s email is Allison@dreamsunlimitedtravel.com. Pirategirl’s email is TabithaR@CruisingCo.com.

Hi loveys! I’m at jkern@mmvagent.com I could talk about DCL all day! Hope to hear from you!

Caroline Baggerly with MEI/MouseFan: carolineb@mei-travel.com.

Being a fan of The DIS Unplugged, I tried Dreams once, but they kind of let me down. My experience was that communication was either poor but friendly, or prompt but aloof.

Caroline has neither problem, and MEI gives just as much OBC as Dreams. I highly recommend her.

Okay…planning a cruise. Have a TA that I want to use, but notice that other agencies offer the onboard credit. I don’t want to leave $ on the table so to speak. Do all TAs get the same pricing from DCL?

I believe that the pricing of the cruise should be the same but any extras (like OBC) is up to the agency.

I love the old boys and girls club tenor that Lines has taken on. If you’re in the in club your posts don’t get flagged even if they are advertisements (brightlittlestarta for instance) but if you’re not they do. It didn’t used to be like that. It’s sad really.

Sorry, but I am struggling with someone that has two posts being called part of “the in club”. That’s kinda jumping the shark isn’t it?

Since I’m the one that recommended brightlittlstarta, that wasn’t necessarily an advertisement. The OP asked for recommendations, but you recommended yourself. That’s advertising. JMHO

I would recommend Dave & Meredith Wollenschlager from Silver Lining Travel as they are Disney Certified which means they are highly trained in Disney resorts and cruises.

Here is there contact information:


thanks all . . was just going to post the same question. planning/considering our first cruise in 2016 and feeling very overwhelmed by the details!