DCL Transportation to Cruise

We’ll be taking Disney transportation from WL to Port Canaveral in Late Jan. I’ve heard that, during COVID, buses were leaving WDW early to get ppl to port for testing, etc. Have they started picking up at resorts at a more reasonable time again? I don’t feel like sitting at the port for hours for no reason.

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Maybe some help here:

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I don’t have an answer to your questions but I learned that the best way to get on-demand information, especially for rapidly changing policies, is to join a date-specific Facebook group for a near date or one that just ended (even if it is one that you are not cruising) then ask there. Other places may not have up to date info and many pages want to remain “ever green” so they don’t address particular situations like. Facebook groups are the most active on check-in day and a couple of day leading up to embarkation.


We took the Disney bus from POFQ and were assigned Boarding Group 3 at check in. We were some of the first people to the port and on the ship. I think the bus picked us up at 8:45. Very little waiting at the port. No testing so we went through security and waited maybe 30 minutes for them to open boarding to the ship.


As an update, a friends is going on the Wish this Friday. She’s staying at POR taking Disney transport. Her assigned Boarding Group is 3 and port arrival time is 11:00. Same as mine was for October.