DCL Resumes?

I just saw this

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Yup. Looks like just Dream by now, but probably others to follow.

Still seems tenuous though. I’m sad that we cancelled ours, but also glad as DLR seems far more of a certainty.


I’m glad sailing is resuming; there are so many people employed by cruise industry. That said, it sounds very unpleasant and not very vacation-y.

I’m booked for my first cruise on the Dream Oct 11-15. Me, DH, and DS12–all fully vaccinated. While I am excited the cruise will actually happen, I’m sad about the things I’m going to miss–Pirate night, Halloween on high seas, sail away deck party, the Castaway 5K (yes, I can do it on my own and still get the medal, but I love the camaraderie of a race and this would be my first in person race in almost 2 years!!). Also now limited to one kids club time per day and it needs to be pre-booked. How do I decide when that’s going to be?? I hope I’m not disappointed but I guess I really won’t know what I’m missing.