DCA Popular Rides Challenge

Liners like a good challenge, right?

At DCA, given the following parameters, how would you go about riding the following popular attractions in the least amount of time?

1- Official Park Open is at 0900.
2- You’re using Early Entrance (main gate) at 0830. You get to Security at 0745.
3- You’re using Genie+ for regular Lightning Lanes.
4- TP predicts a CL of 5 on this particular Wednesday.
5- Desired rides: RSR, Web Slingers, Guardians, Incredicoaster, TSMM and Soarin’

and … go!

The winning answer receives the most prestige points.


Here’s what I would do (and basically what I did last time I was there in September):

  1. Ride Webslingers first during EE, then queue up for RSR and ride within the first 10 minutes the park is open.
  2. Get a LL for either Soarin or GotG (whichever has a longer standby — probably GotG unless Soarin’ over California is running) as soon as you are eligible to get one
  3. Ride GotG and Soarin using SB/LL
  4. Get a LL for TSM as soon as you tap in for previous LL
  5. Ride Incredicoaster using SB
  6. Ride TSM when LL window opens. Ride other Paradise Pier rides if needed while waiting.

This should all be doable by lunchtime.


I’d try to be in the security line before 7:45 - I’d say 7:30 at the LATEST. While they might not open until 7:45 (I honestly can’t remember), there will be a considerable line by then.

When I went in February, there was a preliminary line, then a walk-up to the security check, and then the line at the gates. By the time the security checks opened, the line was WAY back towards the street.


Oh, and also, if you’re solo or willing to split up within your group, definitely do single rider line at RSR. The cars are the same seating configuration as Test Track, so almost every car will take 1 or 2 single riders.