Daytime Epcot, evening HS or vice versa?

We are hitting FW Saturday evening at Epcot after we arrive. On Monday we were planning on doing the rest of Epcot (WS) in the morning/afternoon and HS in the evening. We have a full day planned at HS later in the week.

What would your advance FP strategy be? Save advance FPs for HS? If so, which ones? Kids are ride junkies.

Would you switch and do HS in the morning using your FPs, leaving WS (and Frozen standby) in the afternoon/evening? If so, what FP strategy would you employ there?

If I’m splitting a day between DHS & Epcot, I go to Epcot in the day. WS tends to get busier once the dinner crowds and locals come out in the evening.

I’d switch if you will only be doing WS on that day. It doesn’t open until 11. So I’d do HS first with FPs.

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My kids love Soarin so I would think the only rides we would likely do in Epcot that day is Soarin (again) and Frozen.

Soarin is very easy to pick up as a 4th.

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I agree with @missoverexcited. Since WS doesn’t open until later, it would best to use morning hours at HS.

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Since we are doing HS on its own day also, what advance FP would you get for a morning at DHS?

Not sure I could answer that for you. It would be entirely a personal preference.

Generally, though, I’d pick whatever saves you the most wait time for whatever ride you most want to do.