Days1-3 with CL FPs

We arrived Sunday at Polynesian. TP room request for 1st or 3rd floor non connecting (staying CL so in Hawaii) resulted in connecting 1st floor. Asked about mom connecting and got upgraded to lagoon view second floor mom connecting at end of hall opposite lounge so quiet. We can see fireworks and don’t miss patio or balcony. CL food good. Mouse keeping here by noon daily.

We chose to purchase the additional FPs and they are great! We’ve never waited more than 25 minutes in line- I used the regular FPs in AM and have picked up additional regar FPs after those home-based for things like Soarin, FEA, Splash, POTC etc

We did EMM on Tuesday and that was great. Tomorrow Dine with an Imagineer. It’s ds21 and myself so we have gotten more done than we could imagine. Slinky is great, A$$ is fun, still love FOP.

It’s hot and humid. Crowds don’t seem as bad as last year at this time. Mostly very friendly cms- ride one in Epcot parking lot yesterday. Some rude guests- kids riding scooters with parents or grandparents. Stroller pushers on phones looking down almost hitting people. No line cutters except at picture with characters. We aren’t just standing in sun for 15 minutes by Buzz for the fun of it! People try to walk right up. Same at Chip n Dale with mom not understanding her son had to wait even though I think he probably qualified for DAS - but those don’t work for characters I think? CMs told her where line was she wasn’t happy.

Love the joy on little kids faces seeing characters and doing rides. Loving the time with my son. Two full days left. I plan on posting our ride accomplishments later- time to get ready for AK- we refuse to do mad dash to FOP or TS land at HS. I have FOP fir 3rd time today so slept in!


Thanks for sharing. Time with your son must be great. 21 is a perfect age. They have come through adolescence and are charming individuals again. Looking forward to the rest of your report.

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