Days of the Week

While planning my Fall trip (80 days out) and thinking about our longer trip next June I got to thinking whether or not certain days of the week are better for certain parks. I like to use AM EMH hours whenever possible and sometimes evening as well. But planning as far out as next June I am trying to figure out where we will want to be on which days. We are going to do a split between BLT and BC so I want to book BC for days we will do HS and EP. Any Liner tips on this?

June will have star wars weekends, so that will affect things. The crowd calendar should be a good estimate. One rule of thumb I’ve heard a lot is avoid mk on Mondays since families traveling over the weekend like to hit it as the first park

Generally I have found the Crowd Calendar to be quite reliable in terms of park hours, EMH, special events, and relative crowd levels.

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When I am planning way in advance, I look at the “similar” weeks from the year before for hours, crowds, etc. Then when the “actual” info becomes available, I update. I’ve done this for several trips and have never had to make significant changes to my plans.

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We follow the rule about no MK on Mondays. Tried it on past two trips and it was crazy.

That is great to know. For this trip we won’t be at MK on a Monday during the day but had thought about it after Ohana dinner our last night which is a Monday. Hopefully it won’t be too crazy late at night.