Days 6 & 7 - A Magical Day and Goodbye

Our final day in the parks had arrived. We decided to sleep in a bit and have a nice breakfast in the Pop foodcourt before heading to MK at 9:30.

Got there around 10 and headed for our fastpass for 7DMT. It is an okay ride but I really don’t get why it is so crazy busy. We were unfortunate to end up in rows 1 and 2 which are the worst. You crawl over the hills and hardly build up any speed at all.

Next we went to Under the Sea. It is an enjoyable ride and never seems to have much of a line. We still had some time before lunch so decided to ride IASW. Our names came up on the goodbye screen. This is the first time we had ridden since they added that feature. Kind of cool.

Lunch at BOG was next on the agenda. I had remembered to preorder our food that morning so we sailed through the arrival. The West Wing was full so we ate in the Rose Room. The music box is gorgeous and I love that it plays music from the movie. The food was great. My kids agreed that they liked the lunch there better than the dinner we had on our last trip.

Fastpass for HM after lunch. Then we rode POC with a short line. We wanted to watch the parade in Frontierland or Liberty Square and we headed there to scope it out. Lots of space so we quickly walked over to Storybook Treats to get Peter Pan floats for me and DD11. We thought they were really good and refreshing. DD14 was annoyed that we couldn’t get Dole Whip floats there (although once again we had discussed this) and sulked a bit before deciding to order a Coke float. Of course it fizzed up and overflowed making a bit of a mess. By the time it settled down it was largely ice cream with not much Coke. She wound up sulking about that for ages. I may not survive her teen years. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Went back to Liberty Square and got a spot to view the parade right by the rope in front of the stocks. It kept threatening to start raining but ended up being sunny and super hot by the time the parade started. Can I rant for a second about people putting up their umbrellas to block the sun during the parade?!? I get that it’s hot. We’re sweating too, but you block the view for everyone around you. And I hope the two women who stepped directly in front of DH to take photos of the last two floats enjoyed the view. He was standing there for more than half an hour just to save space for them. :rage: Having said all that, I love a parade and this one is fun. Though I do miss the dragon.

Used our 3rd fastpass for BTMRR. Asked for and got the two back rows. Best position to ride!

We were heading to Poly for a very early dinner at Ohana. I had a bit of shopping I wanted to do and we went to Main Street for that. I found a lovely Minnie watch to replace my old one and bought that. We then spent some time looking at all of the gorgeous artwork in the shops.

Boats weren’t running because of lightning. Instead we took the monorail to Poly and looked around for a while before dinner. We stayed at Poly a few years ago and it was nice to reminisce. It had started raining by then so we couldn’t go outside.

Dinner at Ohana was as good as we remembered. So much food! We were stuffed when we finally finished.

Back to MK on the monorail. Pulled out the ponchos because it was raining pretty good. Decided to ride Space Mountain. The wait time was listed at 40 minutes. We hoped it would be a bit less, but ended up waiting the full time. Our longest wait of the week!

Had a fastpass for Buzz and did that next. The girls and I are terrible at it but still enjoy it. DH is annoyingly good at all shooting games. He wins all of them.

Enjoyed Tiki Room next, followed by POC and HM. A lot of putting on and taking off ponchos. We did leave them on for POC and I think the ponchos got more wet on that than from the rain!

The rain had finally stopped and it was approaching 8:30 so we made our way to the front of the castle for Once Upon a Time and HEA. The one advantage of all that rain was that we found a good spot to watch right in the hub just as Once Upon a Time was starting. We were so impressed with both shows. The castle projections are incredible and it all goes together so well with the music and fireworks. And who doesn’t love seeing Tinkerbell flying over the crowd?! DH had been getting cranky and tired but he admitted that it was worth the wait.

There were evening EMH and we wanted to ride BTMRR in the dark. We maneuvered our way there against the crowd flowing out. There was a line extending out from the ride as they checked magic bands. I had to convince DH and DD14 that we would be on quickly. Only DD11 had faith that I knew what I was talking about but we were on the train in less than 10 minutes! It is a great ride but it is even better in the dark.

Finally we headed out to the buses to return to Pop. We did a bit of packing and went to bed.

Next morning we finished our packing and got bell services to bring the luggage to the car. We went to the shop to use the last of our snack credits. There is a lot of packaged candy available.

We were finishing our stay with breakfast at Kona Cafe. We had to drive there which we expected to take about ten minutes. Instead we got totally lost. There is a lot of construction around World Drive which wouldn’t be so bad if there were good direction signs. Unfortunately several signs seem to be missing or just incorrect. Forty minutes later we finally arrived at Poly. Not the best start.

Thankfully breakfast was great. DD11 and I had Tonga toast while DH and DD14 had the macadamia pancakes. Everything was delicious and it put us in a good mood to start our drive.

We went out to the car, said goodbye to WDW and headed north. Staying in South Carolina tonight. Arriving home on Saturday. Will try to do a final summary over the next few days.


Sounds like a great day!!

I totally agree about 7DMT. We were at the front when we rode and found it underwhelming. We did skip it this trip.

BTMRR is totally the best from the back and we always ask to sit at the back :smile:

Thank you for sharing your trip. Oh I also have a teen by my 12 yr old was the one who did the most pouting this trip so I can relate to that frustration.


She will emerge a charming, kind and beautiful butterfly…and like childbirth, the pain will instantly be forgotten.


Sounds like a great last day. Thanks for sharing your report with us.


She often is charming, kind and beautiful already. It’s the times in between that have me tearing my hair out! :wink: The sulking is what drives me nuts. Along with the denial that she is sulking when I call her on it.