Day Touring Plans 14 Nights 1 Dad and my 7 year old son ( will be in March!)

I need Help: I have been trying to sort out a plan for a Month and have got nowhere!

Arrive Sat evening,leave Sun evening 27th and staying at CBR and have quick dining. I have booked a time for lunch at BOG for 1.45 on the 14th,and thats it! I would like to spend 2 days at MK but not too late for the first two days. and include my fast-passes. Also looking to hire a car to go to,Kennedy space center and universal parks,and maybe visit a beach as well.

He is not a great fan of the big roller coasters,but likes all boy things.

Thank you.

Good morning - just to clarify: how many WDW park days are you planning on (confused by the 2 day touring plans 14 nights)? Do you have Park hopper ? What month is this happening? Are you wanting to see any other WDW parks: AK, Epcot, HS?

Good Morning Zarina,

Sorry was a bit confusing! Yes we are there for 14 nights, with quick dining and ultimate ticket, and staying at the CBR. Everybody recommended BOG to eat, so the only booking I could get for that was for lunch, on Sunday 14th Febuary. at 1.45. Because of this it seems and also recommended to split the MK into two days, having looked at the calendar, it seems are second week is less waiting time, so I want to try and work out the busy ones for our second week, and yes we are going to visit all parks and water parks as well.

Just one more thing, I would like dinner at the yacht club if possible, as I have also been told its a good place to see the fire works.



Good morning! If you have QS dining plan the only QS restaurant that has ADRs is BOG. Are you looking for table service meals that you will pay out of pocket?

You have 14 day tickets? I would plan on being in a park to see the fireworks. Which fireworks? There are a couple of good restaurants at YC, but your dining plan does not include them. You also would only be able to see the tops of fireworks- if at all. Can we make suggestions of good counter service meals?


Table service for a few meals but not that many maybe just a couple, I read somewhere that you can use them at the YC but it will cost you two plans? if that is incorrect then I will go for your suggestion on good counter service meals. Also I forgot, he wants to go too Jedi knight training.

Thank you very much to those that are responding to my SOS.


If you only have quick service dining plan then they can’t be used for table service meals (I don’t think you can trade 2 QS credits for a table service meal)
Jedi training I highly recommend getting to Hollywood studios before rope drop so that you are there as soon as the gates open and walk straight there with your son to sign up.
The MDE website has all the quick service places listed with menus, there’s lots of great places to eat.

Hi Mike- wow 14 days, you guys are going to have a blast. A day at the beach, a day at Kennedy Space center and maybe 2 days at Universal Studios would be fantastic. Not sure if you are comiing from oversees? Feb 14th is a holiday weekend here in the US (Presidents day) and crowds will be higher during those days. But if you are coming from Europe, jet lag will be in your favor, you can take advantage of rope drop and retreat to the resort etc for downtime in the afternoon. If you are from the US, scratch those last few sentences :wink: The typhoon lagoon waterpark is closed for its annual refurb until 3/12. Blizzard beach is open temps/weather allowing. Given the fact that it may not be super warm it may be fun to do half days in the waterpark and spend evenings in a park (HS, epcot, MK)- grab sometihing to eat,enjoy fireworks or eveing shows etc. I would probably at least recommend 3 days at MK, 2 days at Epcot, 2 days HS and 1-2 days AK . I would start by figuring out what day you want to do what park or excursion- may use the crowd calendar for that. Try to get 3 FP for each of the WDW park days planned - even if it is just a late afternoon/evening trip. Each park has certain rides for which FPs can be crucial or certainly beneficial. With that much time you can certainly explore a lot of the non ride oprions of each park- like Sorcerer’s of the MK.
Any thought on food ? You mentioned maybe a few table services? Certain food food you like? Are you looking for any character interactions?
Hope this helps to get you started.

Also, your son may enjoy the pirate make over in MK and def jedi training. WDW is not big on hard core roller coasters (only rock n roll coaster in HS has inversions - not sure if that makes a difference).

HI Zarina

Yes we are coming over from the UK, The only plan I have to do really is the Mk, as I have booked the only meal I could get, which is Lunch on February 14th at 1.45 at BOG. I did try and do a planner after about 20 odd attempts I gave up ( that’s a man thing!) because I went to use the FP, then it said It could not be used, and I was going round and round in circles, until I had enough and Posted my message.

I was trying to do the less busy ones the first week, then the more busy ones the following week, does that make sense?

As for food, I am a meat man as for my son, he is just fussy, so he will be happy with most things other then fish, I think a few character interactions would be good as well.

It seems I have a lot of time to do these, but I just cant work out the best way to do it.



Hi Mike! Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic holiday!

We’ve gone a couple of times with the Quick Service plan. With a little research ahead of time you can eat really well.

We really enjoyed our lunch meal at BOG. (You might want to add a second eating there, if possible, as it is really a great place for a QS meal!)

At MK we also ate at Columbia Harbour House (sitting upstairs is usually quiet and has a nice view). In the past we also enjoyed Cosmic Rays (the chicken with mashed potatoes and beans is really good!).

I know you said that MK was the only plan you had, but in case you are interested, I’ll list our favourite Quick Service places in the rest of Disney. Wolfgang Puck Express Marketplace in Disney Springs is also a great place to eat (we’ve had pizza, the bacon wrapped meatloaf (yum!) and chicken fingers there). At EPCOT Sunshine Seasons is very popular with many options and has a large amount of seating. Tangierine Cafe in Morocco was also tasty and unique (we had the lamb and chicken). At AK, Flame Tree BBQ had great chicken and ribs. Hollywood Studios also had really good chicken and ribs at Fairfaxe Fare. We also have enjoyed Backlot Express in the past - good burgers! One day we visited Animal Kingdom Lodge and ate at The Mara. It was delicious (angus bacon and cheese burgers) and we sat outside near the pool area and then explored the resort and watched the animals.

Our boys are quite a bit older than your son, but I’m going to attach a link here for the trip report I did for our Christmas trip a year ago. LoveBug53's Disney Trip Report Don’t feel you need to read it - but I did put pictures in of a lot of the food we ate - it might give you a bit of an idea. You can scroll through those.

We also spent time at Daytona Beach - it was a lot of fun! We’d definitely do it again. It was about an hour and 20 minutes away.

We’ve not yet been to Universal or Kennedy Space Center yet but that sounds like a great thing to add!

Have fun planning and feel free to ask any questions! :smile:

Hi Mike… We come from the UK each year for around two weeks. We generally do a plan for the park we want to in each day and then do FPPs and book restuarants (ADR in disney speak). We generally do 3 days in the parks and then have a day where we relax by the pool or visit the water parks. We arrive at Rope drop (park opening) on most days as you get more done then. We use the jet lag in the first week to make it easy to get to the park early without being too tired. We move towards afternoon and evening touring in the second week, enjoying a lie in in the morning and staying late for the fireworks (at MK, Epcot and Fantasmic at DHS). We would generally do 3 days MK, 2 days DHS, 2 days AK, 2 days Epcot, 2 days univeral, 1 day water park and 2 days rest. You may need to tweak the plan of you want a day at the beach

In terms of meals, as you are on the quick dining plan you can only make reservations at BOG - the rest are just walk up. If you want to get to a waitress restaurant or buffet (TS in disney speak) you will need to pay separately for them… You can see menus and prices on the touring plans website.

As for touring plans I would be inclined to use the standard plans on this website, trying to customise if you have not been to WDW is difficult. You should definitely make your 3 FPPs - this link gives a summary and then further links to advice about which attraction to choose.

We usually choose our fastpasseses for the first three hours of the day when we get to the park at RD - you can choose more FPPs after you used your first 3. If we are going in the afternoon we choose our FPPs for the 3 hours after we expect to get to the park (usually 3-5)

Hope this helps - feel free to ask more questions.

Hi Mike- this may be what your TP looks like for the first day- you would arrive 30-45 min prior to opening (rope drop) for the opening ceremony. The plan ends at about 3 pm (i think you and DS will be tired), though I noted the Festival of Fantasy Parade at 3 pm (may be something you will want to see again on a less busy day with probably better views but it will be difficult to leave the park at that time due to closures and crowds). This sample TP includes the pirate makeover (reservation needed) and 3 FPs. I minimized walking and set walking speed at very relaxed- my kids always wander …


Hi Mike, I am reading what we are trying to tell you about the restaurants and eating in Walt Disney World and I want to make sure we are clear. They are two main types of restaurants in Walt Disney Wirld : table service (where you have reservations and it takes table service credits (TS) and counter service where you usually just walk in. BOG is a combined restaurant that is rather special. It is counter service (CS) for breakfast and lunch but it takes reservations. No other CS has reservations at this time. The YC restaurant you are asking about is Yachtman’s. It takes two table service credits (not counter service) for dinner. It is a rather expensive steakhouse and a dinner there will cost you and your son over $100 American. I hope this helps.

Mike, I brought my kids for a week and a half. We divided up our days and had a “rest day” in between. I also tried looking at when the magic hours were :slight_smile: If it is late night days you have more hours as opposed to the early morning hours where you only have an hour extra :smile:

If you just have the Quick Service then you can not combine them for a Table service meal. I went with the regular dining for me and the kids :slight_smile: That way we had the best of both worlds :slight_smile: Including the character meals :slight_smile:

You could spend one day at beach and Kennedy Space Center :slight_smile: Kennedy Space Center is by Cocoa Beach :slight_smile: So you could do that on one day :slight_smile:

For food, you could go onto (if you can get it) :slight_smile: They have the menus at restaurants with current prices :slight_smile: Some that we really enjoyed :smile:

MK :smile:
Pecos Bills

Sunshine Seasons :smile:

Flame Tree BBQ

Disney Springs
Wolfgang Puck Express (one that has the pizza :slight_smile: (believe it is West Side)

Hi Zarina,

We want to see all the parks, plus maybe a couple of days outside, (Universal,Kennedy and maybe the beach) but also the other parks as well. Been reading that I could split it up maybe 2 days in each? would like to go to water parks as well. As of yet I have only booked the Lunch in BOG on Sunday 14th February. So I thought Maybe I should spend most of the day round there?


It seems I am getting a bit confused with, Ts and Cs and what is or not included in my quick dining plan. I dont think we will be going to the Yachtman’s


Can I ask how you divide up your days? It seems I have plenty,but unable to work out what to do on each one… By the looks of it,the second week we are there it is less busy,so I had tried! to plan the busy rides the following week.

Hi Mark,

I think that is where I am going wrong, I have lost count now how many times I have tried to draw up my own plan( in weeks!) Its just that the second week is less busy then the first week we are there, I am taking him out for the last four days.

Other then the Sunday 13th February we are flexible,its just on that day was the only day I could book a table for lunch at 1.45 which ties us down,to that park and time.

I sent you a message.

Dining plans are confusing! You can eat very well with the counter service plan with some planning. I just don’t want you to waste money on a dinner that is not on your plan unless you want to!