Day to Day 11Jul-27Jul 2019 Michael's Memorial Trip

So we have made it to Kissimmee after a 20-hour drive from Iowa. We are doing a pre-Disney star at the Rodeway Inn Maingate to take care of all the details for my son Michael’s memorial trip to the rest of the family. Right now it’s me and my DH. On Friday the rest of the circus arrives for 8 nights and they include 2 adult DDs, 2 SILs, 6 Grandchildren 15, 11, 11, 8, 5, and 5. Tomorrow my DH and I check into POR for 5 nights with park tickets. On Friday the rest fly in from Midway and we will have 3 rooms at AB POR with Park Hopper Plus Tickets for 8 nights.

Today DH and I are inspecting POR because we plan on dropping our bags off tomorrow at 6am. Then we go to work doing the DVC tour ro earn some money.

So today so far I can report the Rodeway Inn Maingate in Kissimmee is perfect for our needs. It’s $49 a night and I get a 5 percent credit to Amazon because of some promotion they are having. The pool is wonderful and clean. The rooms are aged but very clean. Even the carpet is clean. The mattresses are very comfortable. The “free” breakfast is juice, oatmeal, and bagels. We don’t do carbs so we walked across the street to the Publix and picked up fresh fruit. If you are looking for fresh and sparkly don’t go here but if you are looking for budget, clean, and doesn’t smell this is your place and the pool is way better than a regular budget motel.

Yesterday we did Raglan Road and it was wonderful, we shared a Shepherds Pie and a flight of pale beers. We didn’t see the show because we were to early. So, I was so impressed with Sam’s seasonal beer we are going back today at 4:30 pm to see the show and try the FIsh and CHips with more Sam’s Seasonal. And we are walking so I can have more than one.

We are also going to try to get a drink at House of Blues. I have never been and excited to check it out.

I’ll report later step count. Yesterday we were at 17,497 and we didn’t do a park.


Have a great time. HAHAHA - yes walking extra for a 2nd beer - this would be me


Left our off site motel for PORRS at 6 am to check in and get the magic started. Pixie Dust sprinkled on us when we were able to get into our room. Building 17 upper level. Not what we requested but worked out because it was easy to unload the car. Also I like being half way between the West and South bus stops. Last on at the south and 1st off on the west.

Took a 7:30am bus for the 9am opening at Animal Kingdom. Followed the advice in the video and had FOP done by 9:15am without a FP and Navi done by 9:30 am also no FL. The video was spot on for getting both attractions.

We rode FOP twice. Seat 15 and the Seat 8. Huge difference in the realistic effect. The cast member was very sweet when I requested 8. I was motion sick both times and had to shut my eyes half way through.

I had my plan and accomplished all my morning activities done but it took all day. The Rapids went off line while we were in line so a 30 minute predicted wait time was almost 2 hours but we were to far on to give up.

Interestingly with the heat and the overwhelming number of people you lose your ambition. By 11am I didn’t care at all anymore that I wasn’t going to get everything done. That let me relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

We hit the Safari at 11am and there was plenty of wildlife to be seen. The driver talked way to fast and I missed most of what she said.

I’ll end with lunch. Flame Tree BBQ mobile ordering the BBQ sampler with some kind of lemonade, an entirely perfect experience.

Steps 23,390j