Day of FPP

Does anyone know if Disney usually drops more FPP on the actual day? Wondering if this is how people get many of their day of FPP or if it just others cancelling/modifying so they become available. Thanks!

They used to do several drops on the day for FOP, but not since Xmas. I think it was @ToddlerOfTerror who noticed same day drops for Soarin and Test Track, I suspect if there are others he will be the one to know.


Hello. There are some same day FPP drops. Currently there is a drop at 11:37 for Test Track, 1:37 for Soarin. Those two I know happen consistently unless the ride is down. There is also a drop for HS at 12:07 I haven’t tested the consistentcy but I saw the drop for RNRC, ToT and TSMM last Saturday. I know for certain AK has ine for KS and others but I haven’t tried to figure those out since I never need FPP for AK inless it is FOP. Hope this helps.


Wow! This is so detailed!! I didn’t know this happened at such specific times during the day! I’ll try to check these next April. I was able to grab 2 day of FPP for FOP last October, but no luck last December… I have been successful twice with FEA last year. I’m now consistently planning for my FPP as early as possible in the morning and try my 4th FPP for noon, when I secure my 5th for the evening. Maybe they are changing these drops to accommodate the extra FPP for the Club Level rooms?

It has been going on prior to the club level FP thing. If a ride has had operational issues then they may not drop same day FPs. If your tickets are linked, you can look aymt this on a day you are sitting around at home.

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Does this work only with AP? When I check FPP availability, it opens only after my check-in date on MDE…

It works with tickets that are not linked to a resort stay. If you have a package, you can’t do it, but otherwise the system doesn’t know when you are going to use that ticket so you can always book for 30 days ahead.


Thank you for the answer! Now I get it. :grinning:

Great info - thanks! Any updates on times of drops?

I have just returned from a trip to Disney and I can report that I definitely saw a drop for Test Track and I think it was around 11:37. For HS I remember I got a day of FPP for TSMM but it was before noon and right after using it, I was able to get another day of forToT and I saw RNRC available too, but I don’t remember seeing lots of possibilities, so I cannot confirm the drop for HS. I’ll try to watch these specific times when I go back in October.