Day of FPP - Navi River

Anybody been to AK within the past 3 or 4 months who can comment on the availability of same day FPP availability for Navi?

We will be there in late May/Early June on an EMH morning if that matters.

Same day FPP for Navi? Available or Not?

I can’t tell you for sure if FPP will be available the same day for Navi, but I would think so. It’s not all that great and no where near FoP.

By looking at the Lines app for availability…I would not count on it. But that will give you an idea as you get closer.

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We were at AK yesterday and I tried many, many times to get a same day FPP for Navi. I started as soon as we scanned our 3rd, and never could get them. Funny enough, I picked up 3 FPP for FOP in the evening for 9:55pm. We ended up riding Navi standby at 10:45- posted time went from 45 to 30 min while we were deciding whether to ride…when it switched to 30 we said okay and got in line. We were on the ride in 5 minutes!

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Thanks for the VERY timely feedback. Another question - Standby times look to be in the 60-90 minute range most of the day, but do you think the line moves? Again, I am just trying to decide whether to rope drop Navi at EMH or use that time to explore other areas of the park…

Not really sure, it llooked very long when we checked at 8:30am . Our plan was to rope drop it yesterday, but we didn’t arrive early enough. It was posted 45 min.

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Same day - never had any success with it. I was able to get a FP 30 days in advance for the evening but that’s it. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get one though. It’s not much to miss. You might be able to get on with EMH if you get there at the beginning of the morning. You can probably ride it without too much of a wait just before park close. If the park closes at 8:00 get in line at 7:50. However, I will never wait in line for this ride more than 30 minutes again. There are a lot more fun things to do in the park for that amount of wait time.

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