Day-of FP availability for Toy Story Land?

I found this super helpful research but doesn’t look like it has been updated to show same-day availability metrics for the new Toy Story Land. Does anyone know if these numbers are available anywhere? We are just spending a few hours in the afternoon at HS and I am planning out which FP(s) I should try to get. My kids will mostly just be interested in Toy Story Land and I noticed that the 3 rides (Toy Story, Slinky Dog, and Alien Swirl) are all Tier 1.

All the rides except Star Tours at HS are currently tier 1. Presumably because of this, there has been loads of same day availability, almost all day. We don’t know what is going to happen in future with the tiers though, so this may or may not continue.


Great, thanks! We will only be in the park from about 12noon-3pm. I’ll probably book Toy Story Mania for noon - and it sounds like I shouldn’t be too concerned about not getting a FP for Slinky Dog and then Alien Swirl? And I guess I’ll have to “burn” two Tier 2 FPs before I make additional Tier 1’s.

They’ve only all been tier 1 since Thursday, so I wouldn’t necessarily take it as gospel yet, but I think your chances are good. They also drop extra FPs at 9.31, 12.01 and 2.31. But yes, you need to use or at least tap in for your 2 tier 2s before booking another. They may expire if you book them before the tier 1 but that doesn’t always work if you’re not in the park and you may need to rebook them.

Oh!!! Haha. I didn’t realize that it was only implemented on Thursday! I swear I’m not as impatient as my post may have seemed. Haha!

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Yes it’s new since SWGE opened.

I’m not there often enough to say anything about same day FPs, but SDD is by far the hardest of the 3 to get in advance. It has the longest standby waits, too. If you want to ride all 3, I’d consider making a SDD FP your first choice and TSMM your backup in case you can’t get SDD.