Day of Fast Pass Question

First let me say, I love this site! I’ve learned so much that is going to help make our trip awesome! Getting ready for our trip in March and I’m planning on using FP+ as much as possible to help shorten our line wait times. Already have the first three FP+ set up for each day and will be looking to add one at a time as we are in the parks. I was wondering what I can expect as far as availability for these throughout the day. Are there certain rides that I can expect we won’t be able to get FP+ for the day of? Crowd levels look like they are going to be a 7-10 the days we are there. Just wondering what others have experienced.

7DMT is the hardest to get same day I would say. There are regular drops for FOP (11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01), TSL rides (9.31, 12.01, 2.31, 5.01) and at EP (11.30, 1.30, 3.30 I think?) but not at MK. At CL8-9 the only thing we didn’t see same day was 7DMT, although the same day drops for the others are never guaranteed to happen and SDD drops less regularly than the other TSL rides.


This is approaching a year out of date, but should get you started.

@len any chance of an update 4 anytime soon?

We’re updating it this month. It’s an annual thing.