Day Guest for Stormalong Bay

My sister lives in the Orlando area and will be joining us for some of our trip in March. We are staying at the Yacht Club and she will be staying at her house. My question is would we be able to get a day pass for her, so she can spend the pool day with us at Stormalong Bay? I know they are strict with security and they don’t let just anyone in, but I was not sure if we could have a visitor for a day. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Don’t bank on it.

Do you have capacity in your room to add her to your reservation? Even if you have a package, you might be able to do this at the front desk (not before), but even that is unlikely.

Of all the resorts, SAB is the one pool that they are always strict about. In the last 2.5 years, I have seen about 2 reports of people being able to enter SAB without staying there. One was brazenly boasting of walking in (which we have no way to verify), one was someone adding a day guest - but they had the capacity to have added them to the reservation too.

Do NOT count on getting a day guest in. Most days, there is a CM at the gate scanning your MBs to allow entry into SAB.

Thanks for the info. We do have the capacity to add her to the reservation. So that is an option we can try. Has anyone had or heard of an experience where they did ask and got turned down? I don’t plan on trying to “sneak” her in.

Lots of reports of being told “No”. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Thanks for the feedback! We will probably end up doing something else on that day.

We stayed in October and it was hit and miss if they had anyone at the entry point but one option would be as someone leaves the pools to walk across to the huge slide they could pass on a magic band which could then be used to get her in. Once they check your band you get a throw away wrist band and your not checked again you just present it as you come and go. It’s not as though your trying to sneak in a lot of people and let’s face it Disney sneak in price increases all the time so call it pay back …

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