Day 7 Park

What would you do for your last day in the parks? ME will pick us up around 4pm, so we have a good amount of time that day. We are 4 adults (my parents, DH and me), DD3 and DD1.

Current plan:
MK: 2.5 days
EP: 1 day
AK: 1 day
HS: 1 day

I’m thinking maybe Epcot bc DD3 loves Frozen, but I feel like MK has more overall to do for her age. But with 2.5 MK days plus low crowd levels and good TPs, I think we should hit all of our wishlist easily.

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I would leave the 7th day “unplanned” and kind of decide “on the fly” which park folks want to go back to. For me, personally, it would be EP or AK, but that’s from the adult perspective of “there’s no such thing as too much time in World Showcase” and being a serious animal lover - plus Pandora…

Will you have PH? If so, I’d go ahead and leave that a day where you go do your favorites again. And TBH, I’d probably do that anyway, just pick the park where everyone wants to go again. If it were me I’d probably book some FP for rides in AK (pandora) just in case, knowing I can always drop them and change them later.

Yes to park hoppers. I guess I didn’t think about that option, but we could split the day!

True. I could FP FoP & Safari then we could hop somewhere else!