Day 5 - Ponchoing Up and Carrying On

Had a lovely morning at Blizzard Beach. Beautiful and sunny. Not too crowded. A nice relaxing way to start the day. Caught the bus to AK around 1:30.

It started raining just as we arrived at AK. Only lasted a few minutes and was basically stopped by the time we reached the front gate. We headed to Expedition Everest for our fastpass. On the ride quickly. About halfway through it started to rain a bit. By the time we got off, they had closed the ride because of lightning in the area.

Made our way over to Festival of the Lion King. Soon it was pouring. We managed to get our ponchos on and joined the standby line. Thankfully we moved under cover shortly. I felt bad for the people behind us who were still standing in the rain. We had about a forty minute wait for the show. It’s such a fun show to watch. A little something for everyone!

After FOLK we ventured out into the rain. We were surprised to see that KS still runs during thunderstorms! We used our fastpass though it really wasn’t necessary. We walked straight on to a truck holding about 10 people total. It was an interesting experience. There were still a lot of animals out and about.

Next it was time for our FOP fastpass. Such a great ride. So glad we got to do it twice.

Bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner at Sanaa. Of course we had the bread service. My daughters and I split two meals while my husband had his steak. I never realized how many great desserts Sanaa had. We all loved them.

Bus back to Pop (via DHS) and getting ready for bed. Last day in the parks tomorrow :sob:


Love your description of Sanaa! I booked lunch there during our AK day and you got me so excited!

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We rode KS in June of 2017 during a thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain. We ended up being on the last truck before they temporarily closed due to weather. It was raining so hard that the safari was actually stopped temporarily. Our tour guide said that the animals usually enjoy the rain and are often about and about in greater numbers.


It was an awesome meal. Our server, Pedro I think, was great. We ordered two of the Potje inspired meals for three of us. Normally they come with one meat dish and one vegetable dish. Apparently with the dining plan you can upgrade that to two meat dishes and one vegetable at no extra charge. We had tons of food for three people.

For the bread service Pedro suggested combining different sauces together to bring out new flavors. It was delicious.

Since we only ordered three meals instead of four we only got three desserts. Pedro joked with DH that he was the one left out and brought him a spoon so he could share. He highly recommended the candy bar which DD14 wound up devouring. DD11 shared her triple chocolate mousse with Dad. When Pedro saw that DH didn’t get to try the candy bar he brought an extra one out free of charge for him to try! Talk about great service. We made sure to tip very well.